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Old 05-04-2011
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Default What would you change or Improve....

As a employee of your department. Regarless of color of law status. What would you change or Improve about anything or everything in your day to day job?
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Old 05-04-2011
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Give us the authority to carry firearms and the ability to issue traffic citations.
Santa Clara County Animal Control
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Old 05-04-2011
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Treat us the same as any other law enforcement officer when we are threatened, harassed by the public... i.e. cover us with the "insulting/assaulting an officer" when necessary. It would go a long way to show that we are not just dog catchers anymore.
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Old 05-04-2011
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More pay for many of us out there. (and I'm not including me in that, I was paid adequately). Some of these recent job postings I've seen here for $10 - $12 an hour and just insulting. I've seen McDonald's counter help pulling down $10 an hour at some places. Of course, the way some budgets are now-a-days I don't seen this happening.

Also, I agree with DRNEGRIN6's wish.
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Old 05-04-2011
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I am hoping that the idea of a "Ping" system that has been mentioned gets put into place. After my accident I didn't know how important a tool like this could be.

All you would have to do is click on your radio and it would give dispatch your location.

When I was hit on Monday I was knocked out or blacked out. All I know is I came over the radio crying "I need help" I do not recall this at all. And that I had said "I don't know where I am".

Lucky that dispatch called 911 and the accident had been reported and that's how they found me. Unconscious in my truck on the freeway.

I do wish upper management would listen more to ideas of the people actually in the field. They just don't know what it's like to be on the front line.
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Old 05-05-2011
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First thing would be emergency vehicle status with code 3 response to emergency situations. Second would be false reporting (lying) wether it be a "stray" dog call or blatantly unfounded complaints over and over again. I could do this all night so I will just stop there.
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Old 05-05-2011
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Default IN TX

In Texas Penal Code 38.15 (6) is a nice tool to have Iterfering with the Officers duty an officer with responsibility for animal control
in a county or municipality, while the officer is performing a duty
or exercising authority imposed or granted under Chapter 821 or
822, Health and Safety Code.
so i would go with More Pay
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Old 05-05-2011
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Put me under the Police Department and give me a real ACO uniform, and real ACO authority; Offer pets for adoption; I could go on and on, I think everybody's heard my gripes...
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Old 05-05-2011
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I go along with Breal76. We rarely ever check out on the radio (pretty much only if we want to keep track of the number of times we have been there or if we suspect problems), and even at that, the dispatchers don’t always enter dog calls in the system even if we do check out.

I had one case where I checked out on a reported abandon animal that was called in by an ex-wife. I met with her and shortly thereafter the husband showed up and I found myself in the middle of a domestic. In case you didn’t already know, domestic disturbances are reportedly the #1 cause of death for police officers. I got on the radio and called for assistance, but the dispatcher hadn’t entered my location so I had to give it all over again.

On another call the dogs were running all over creation, but I had not been updating my location. At one point in the chase, I was on foot a block from my truck and several blocks from my last reported location when I found myself walking in circles with an angry citizen in the middle of the street. While he was threatening me with bodily harm, I was trying to figure out where I was and relate this to dispatch.

On my wish list is in unit computers. I was visiting with my new chief of police the other day, and I reminded him that in every community there are houses where the police won’t respond to without back up. Then I asked him how many of those houses he has been to that had an animal inside. Then I pointed out that we have to deal with those same animals, but we have no forewarning that the location is flagged by the PD as potentially dangerous because that information automatically pops up on their computers when they are dispatched. He has never been over an animal control operation in his career, and he found that to be a very interesting bit of information and put it on his list of things to look at for us.
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Old 05-05-2011
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Well - I would wish to blend my old unit with my current unit.

- Have everything we have here (MDT's, LEIN Access, Chameleon system, Baton etc) with my old unit of having arrest authority, firearms & Tasers.
- Changing the name of our department would be good as well to help turn around the image from Dog Catcher to Law Enforcement....
- Going thru metro dispatch instead of our own ( I could go on for hours about this).
- Go from Vans - to trucks, SUV's. Anything but the vans!
- Uniforms and Gear SUCK. So we would need that changed.
- Have a more structured rank system. ACO I and II. Perhaps have Ranks between Officer and Sgt.
- Have descretion on handling Wild Animal Calls. We're too busy to deal with Raccoons, Opossums, etc all the time.
- Double the amount of Officers we have (bring up the number to what we NEED to handle all the calls)
- I would like to change the midset of about 2/3rds of our officers though - that would greatly improve things!

- We could use slightly better pay but I'm not gonna bitch about that.....
- We are covered by the law for interfering with a PO and also for being threatened, so we're good there....

I am surprised at how much I hear of ACO's not checking out on runs and getting status checks from dispatch. Here we get status checks, check 10-23 and 10-8 on every run plus we use Zclient - so if the **** hits the fan - metro PD knows right where we are.

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