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Old 01-31-2006
aco416iris aco416iris is offline
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We currently have a new pitbull-specific legislation in this part of Canada and I am just at a loss for words when it comes to describing how much of a pain in the a** it is to enforce. It has brought many of the "seasoned" officers very close to throwing in the towel. I do like the newer version of the legislation that deals with aggressive dogs in general though which very much emphasizes the whole 'ban the breed and not the deed' deal that I'm a big fan of.
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Old 01-31-2006
Gromlich Gromlich is offline
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So who is gonna be certified to testify in court that YOU know what a pitbull is? A Staffordshire Bull Terrier- called pit bull- is NOT a pit bull. But everday we call them pit bulls. The American Staffordshire Terrier is not a PITBULL and yet everyday we call them and tag them in as a PITBULL.

I have posted this before sso bear with me repeating it. I own an American Pitbull along with a basset, beagle and flat coated retriever. Along with my 3yr old and 10yr old we all love each other. I have NEVER had an aggression problem with my pit. I have had aggression problems with my beagle and flat coated retriever-over food- which was very hard to break.

Sterio typing sucks. I have been charged at by more- Chows, SHEPARDs, and LABS than pits. I work in an area where EVERYTHING is either a pit or a rotti. I do not fear the the ones that have chraged me, I try to be smarter when I approach ALL breeds.

Once again Breed Banning will not solve the problem. They will move on to the breeds that you really dont want to go up agaisnt. Government will not think about banning- Presa Canerio- Tosa- I would would rather go up agaisnt a pissed off pit bull anyday than one of those dogs.
ACO. A. Gromlich

Compassion is a gift, not a nusiance!!!!!!
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Old 01-31-2006
AnimalCop_83 AnimalCop_83 is offline
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Yeah for our city council!!!!!!!! They turned down a pit bull ban!!!!!! And we are going to get tougher dangerous dog laws on our city books, about time
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Old 01-31-2006
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Your city kicks ass then!!!

RUMOR has it some bigshot here is going to attempt to introduce a pit bull ban after they witnessed an attack and now they are all over "Omigod ban the breed!!!" attitude....
It makes me sick... Makes me want to get up in front of them and say "I just rescued a pit bull, I am your ACO, but now you're telling me, YOUR ACO, that not only can I no longer keep MY dog simply because of other people's errors, but now you want me to go and take other dogs away too??? Kiss my ***"
Something tells me I'd get busted for that one!!! Haha
Sign here. Press Hard. Five Copies.
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Old 02-01-2006
BA ACO BA ACO is offline
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I just got this in my e-mail today. Looks as though Oklahoma going to try it now. I don't understand why they would want to ban a specific breed when all they would have to do is stiffen up the dangerous dog laws....that would cover ALL BREEDS....including chows, cockers, shar peis, chihuahuas and dalmations!!!! It boggles my mind.



The 2nd Session of the 50th Legislature (2006) will have several "Breed Specific" bills to consider.

The most controversial are House Bills 2657 and 2658, creating "Cody's Law". Both are authorized by State Representative Paul Wesselhoft. If they are voted into law by Legislature, both would effectively ban Pit Bulls or dogs with Pit Bull physical characteristics. Both bills are breed specific. Weeselhoft has defined any Pit Bull as "American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or any dog displaying the physical traits of any one or more of the above breeds, or any dog exhibiting those distinguishing characteristics which substantially conform to the standards established by the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club for any of the above breeds."

The danger of starting "breed specific legislation" is where does it stop? What breed is next? It is a fact that Pit Bulls are NOT dangerous. There is great evidence to support this. The American Temperament Test maintains records of all breeds and Pit Bull are NOT always failures. At this time, they average a PASS of over 85%! Perhaps we must consider the OWNER CARE of the dog.

Paul Demars, an Animal Behaviorist at Oklahoma State University's Veterinary School, said: "to dogs, whether a Pit Bull or a Chihuahua, biting isn't necessarily inappropriate. The difference is...a Chihuahua's bite is mild compared to the bite of a Pit Bull's powerful jaw," he said. "Biting can occur for different reasons, one being a miscommunication." Demars used the example of a person approaching a dog: "The dog barks-a signal that the person should stop. When the person doesn't stop, the dog is 'justified' to bite," he said.

"Another factor in a dog's behavior is its environment. Demars said that plays a huge role. A common myth is that Pit Bulls have been bred to fight. Demars said "this isn't true. The breed was bred to work, adding that another role was to offer their owners protection. Rottweilers are another breed that was bred to work, such as herding animals and providing protection," he continued. "Most dogs were bred at a time when owners needed more protection."

Both bills would also require enclosures to keep any of these dogs confined, at least eight ( feet tall, embedded at least a foot (12 inches) in the ground. Under this law, if it is passed, the enclosure material would have to "prevent any young children from entering with any part of their bodies". This new law if activated would require any person housing a "Pit Bull, as described above, to maintain no less than one hundred thousand ($100,000) of liability insurance or surety bond, insuring the owner for any personal injuries inflicted by each dog. This bill would require that all existing Pit Bulls in the state of Oklahoma be spayed/neutered, and would not allow anyone to purchase a Pit Bull outside the state and bring it to Oklahoma. The bill would also allow cities and counties to require up to a $50 annual license fee. There are many other ramifications of Pit Bull ownership included in the legislation.

BOTH of these Bills must be defeated! Call you State Representative and you State Senator and tell them you want to go on record as opposed to both HB 2657 and HB 2658. In an attempt to make is possible for BREED SPECIFIC BANS, State Senator Paddock has filed Senate bill 1702 (identical legislation to this bill did not become law in 2005). Ask your Representative and your Senator to also listen to your opposition on "BREED SPECIFIC" legislation.

BUT HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS: There are several NON "DOG BREED SPECIFIC" bills which would define the "dangerous dog" problem intelligently and provide workable controls to ensure public safety without condemning a single breed to oblivion.

The BILLS TO SUPPORT are: House Bill 2076, by State Representative Smithson (House Bill 2697 by State Representative Worthen is identical to Smithson's Bill) and Senate Bill 1711 by Senator Shurden. Please call these legislators and give your support to those who have worked hard to present GOOD, NON BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION to control really dangerous dogs!

Because the current 2005 Yellow Pages do not have the right names for all the current State Representatives or Senators, to find your Representative call (405) 521-2711, to find your Senator call (405) 524-0126.

Special note to those who fear or do not like Pit Bull dogs. Several years ago, the targeted breeds feared most were Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Chows, and mixes of these breeds. Time has proven these dogs are not vicious. The mishandling of ANY BREED of dog always causes behavioral problems. If a dog spends the greater part of its life chained it will almost always react negatively to human contact. We must never forget this and always strive to see our dogs have the human touch to be able to give back the unconditional love a dog is famous for having. There are some wonderful Pit Bulls in this world, as there are wonderful dogs of every breed. It is only when these wonderful creatures end up in the wrong hands that they turn in to weapons.

Great websites to check out:

also try search: pit bull dogs
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Old 02-01-2006
aco4dogs aco4dogs is offline
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Its time politicans started banning irresponsible pet owners, not the dogs themselves. Any dog can be mean. I've never been bit by a pit bull. I've had a few encouters with them that were less than pleasant, but these were dogs left chained in a yard by an owner who never did a thing with them. I've had a rottweiler attack an employee at the shelter - another owner turn in, and I've been bit by more ankle biters aka "small breeds" than any large dog. The media has increased the hype surrounding pit bulls and ordinances should be made regarding ALL viscious dogs/breeds, not just selective breed banning. I've met some wonderful pits that were owned by wonderful people. Its a real shame that this breed takes the rap for human stupidity.
Debbie Moore
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Old 02-01-2006
KristenB KristenB is offline
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We have a pit bull as well, and so far she's been easier to train and work with than any other dog we've had.

Breed banning will only punish good owners. People who use them for "ego props", etc will not care if there is a ban. If someone selling drugs has a pit bull, do you really think they're going to say "Hm, this is against the law, time to get rid of the pit."? No, and if they do, they will just move onto a bigger, more aggressiver breed. Unfortunately, I'm afraid this will only get worse before it gets better.
Kristen B
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Old 02-01-2006
dug e dug e is offline
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dug e

I think the general publics "perception" of pits and staffordshire's has been a direct result of media reporting. Cant blame the media though. We just dont hear about the toy dogs attacking very much. Its not good news for ratings. There is a post in the forums on acofunstop about a toy breed attacking a cop though.

When a big dog attacks, it is the amount of damage that it does that gets all of the attention. There should be some kind of a data base where dog attacks could be reported. I think that is the only true way it could be shown what dogs are attacking and who and why they attacked. Was a person attacked, another dog or cat?

In Oklahoma Title 4 OS 44 says:

1. "Potentially dangerous dog" means any dog that:

a. when unprovoked inflicts bites on a human either on public or private property, or

b. when unprovoked kills or severely injures a domestic animal either on public or private property;

2. "Dangerous dog" means any dog that:

a. has inflicted severe injury on a human being without provocation on public or private property,

b. has been previously found to be potentially dangerous, the owner having received notice of such by the animal control authority in writing and the dog thereafter aggressively bites, attacks, or endangers the safety of humans, or

c. has been previously found to be potentially dangerous, the owner having received notice of such by the animal control authority in writing and the dog thereafter kills or severely injures a domestic animal;

3. "Severe injury" means any physical injury that results in broken bones or lacerations requiring multiple sutures or cosmetic surgery;

4. "Proper enclosure of a dangerous dog" means, while on the owner's property, a dangerous dog shall be securely confined indoors or in a securely enclosed and locked pen or structure with at least one hundred fifty (150) square feet of space for each dog kept therein which is over six (6) months of age, and which is suitable to prevent the entry of children and designed to prevent the animal from escaping. Such pen or structure shall have secure sides and a secure top, and shall also provide protection from the elements for the dog;

5. "Animal control authority" means an entity acting alone or in concert with other local governmental units for enforcement of the animal control laws of the city, county and state and the shelter and welfare of animals;

6. "Animal control officer" means any individual employed, contracted with, or appointed by the animal control authority for the purpose of aiding the enforcement of this act or any other law or ordinance relating to the licensure of animals, control of animals, or seizure and impoundment of animals, and includes any state or local law enforcement officer or other employee whose duties in whole or in part include assignments that involve the seizure and impoundment of any animal; and

7. "Owner" means any person, firm, corporation, organization, or department possessing, harboring (I like this one), keeping, having an interest in, or having control or custody of an animal.


I like this statute and (at this time) I think it is just about as good as any thing else I have seen like it. I think this is far more superior and constitutional than any breed ban.

I deal with calls from the elderly and mothers concerned about thier kids safety. Grandma was taking her morning walk and a pit bull chased her back home. Come to find out it is a playfull french bull dog.
Does the public even know what bull dog breeds thier are?

Why dont the media ask us about the subject? If I was a fair investigative reporter, wouldnt I go to the animal experts to find out what the most aggressive breeds are? My answer would be, "Is thier really a most aggressive breed?" I think I have had my rear end almost chewed off by all of them. But, I have also had hours of enjoyment playing with just about all of them to the point of aching I laughed so hard.

Gen 1:26-Then God said, \"Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.\"
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Old 02-02-2006
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Originally Posted by dug e

I deal with calls from the elderly and mothers concerned about thier kids safety. Grandma was taking her morning walk and a pit bull chased her back home. Come to find out it is a playfull french bull dog.
Does the public even know what bull dog breeds thier are?

This is one of my pet peeves...I don't believe most folks recognize how much a danger dogs can present to elderly people. The friendly dog that bounces up to Grandma (I don't care what kind of dog it is) to be petted and topples the senior over is just is dangerous as a vicious dog to my mind.
If an old person falls & breaks a hip it's basically a death make take 3 or 4 years to be realized but it still a death sentence.

It's frustrating to me that the owners of the friendly Golden Retriever, Cocker, whatever, refuse to recognize what a danger that their "just wants to be petted" hound running loose truly is to old folks.

My rant is complete.
Be safe. Have fun.
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Old 02-03-2006
imadogcop imadogcop is offline
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I agree! We have had that situation happen. We had an 85 year old man get knocked down by a pitbull (the dog was playing ball with the neighbor kid when we arrived) and the man hit his head, hurt his shoulder, cut his leg, and had unbelievable bruises head to toe. The poor guy. I issued a citation to the owner for "animal attacking". The owner tried to argue that the dog is friendly, he just did not get it. Any dog could have done this.
If that was my dad or grandpa...... ! He doesn't know how lucky he was to get a citation! I could have let the grandson deal with him!

But these are situations that get blown up and all the public hears is, "Pitbull Attacks Elderly Man". I think hasher penalties are necassary. And of course, MORE ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS to enforce and patrol! We have 5 Officers for a city of 120,000. Not enough to respond to every call about loose or vicious dogs. And definately not enough to patrol. We responded to over 8500 calls last year.
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