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Old 07-01-2011
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Default post certification

just read this thread. don't know if you got your answers or not. in my situation single ACO small community(6000), it was worth it. i took the post level 1 reserve academy. it grants full arrest powers and the ability to do search/seizure/ citations etc. The classes were tues and thurs. nights and every saturday and a few sundays for 3 months. for some of the classes i was able to use the distance learning center at the local high school. in my situation it has been immensely helpful. the major cost was for 1000 rounds of ammo for quals and the fuel for traveling back and forth to post. hope this helps you make your decisions.
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Old 07-21-2011
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So long as your PD will carry your certification then that would work well. I have fought that fight so many times I just donít care anymore. The first round was when I asked about getting certified as a reserve police officer, but they rejected the idea because it would be conflict of interest to require a paid employee to also fulfill the volunteer time requirements of a reserve officer.

I once worked for a small agency that at full staff had 2 police officers and one sergeant on duty. When we were short there may be only 1 person on duty and they would have to call mutual aid from other cities for back up should it be needed. I checked into getting a PO certification to be able to support PD in such cases. We looked at it in respect to cruelty investigation to give me power of arrest. We looked at it as self-defense so that I could carry a sidearm, but all of those were shot down too. Why did they shoot it down? If I were a licensed police officer, they would have to give me police officer pay which was $4K per year more than ACO pay.
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