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Old 06-25-2007
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Default Riverside, CA - Animal Control Officer

Salary: $13.95 - $18.17 hourly
$1,116.19 - $1,453.78 biweekly
$2,418.42 - $3,149.85 monthly
$29,020.99 - $37,798.18 annually
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Multiple locations, California
Department: Community Health Agency

The County of Riverside, Department of Animal Services is recruiting for Animal Control Officers throughout Riverside County.

The mission of Animal Services Department is to protect public health while assisting animal owners in the County of Riverside. In addition, to support the spaying and neutering of pets and to assist in the control of the pet population.

If interested please contact the Human Resources Assessment Center to schedule your assessment appointment. Please bring your detailed scannable resume to your test appointment.

Riverside testing location:
County of Riverside Human Resources Department
Assessment Center
1115 Spruce Street, Room F
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 955-5844

The Animal Control Officer is responsible to explain and enforce laws and ordinances pertaining to the treatment and control of animals; to feed and care for injured and impounded animals and perform the full range of animal control duties, including assignments in the areas of licensing, rabies quarantine, impounding, caring for, and disposing of animals.

Examples Of Duties:
Drives a vehicle in patrolling and enforcing animal regulations, laws, and ordinances; contacts dog owners by house-to-house canvass to locate unlicensed or unvaccinated dogs; collects and turns in license fees; receives and investigates complaints and reports from the public and other agencies regarding stray, dangerous, unwanted, or improperly controlled animals; tactfully handles complaints, trying to remedy the problem; issues violation notices and court citations, collects evidence, and appears in court as a witness, as necessary; works cooperatively with other law enforcement groups when joint action is required; uses tranquilizer guns, shotguns, rifles, or other means to control or destroy dangerous and/or injured animals, as a last alternative; answers emergency calls concerning persons bitten by animals; quarantines potentially rabid animals; checks potentially rabid animals at intervals as directed and releases animals from quarantine at the end of a safe time period, as directed; issues citations for violation of the quarantine; assists in arranging for and setting up immunization clinics; may assist veterinarian with vaccinations and animal inspections; administers first aid or minor treatments to animals; picks up and transports sick, injured, or dead animals; impounds animals and releases impounded animals to owners; segregates and isolates, destroys and disposes of animals; prepares food and feeds animals; cleans kennels and related areas; participates in front office and kennel operations; selects most marketable animals and assists customers in pet selection; answers questions concerning age, breed, characteristics, and care and treatment of animals; advises public of legal rights and explains and interprets animal control laws, regulations, procedures, and policies; speaks at schools and to other community groups concerning animal control services; prepares reports, keeps records and fills out forms concerning animal control violations and transactions; may assist with the training of new animal control staff; consults supervisors by radio in the handling of unusual and/or difficult situations; makes minor repairs to facilities, equipment, and vehicles; may be assigned to any shift, and required to be available on standby or on-call basis.

Typical Qualifications:
License/Certificate: Possession of a valid California Driver's License. Incumbents may be required to successfully complete P.C. 832 within one year following employment.

Experience: EITHER I:

Six months of experience performing animal control duties in a public or non-profit animal control program.


One year of paid experience in a veterinary office, animal grooming, animal board and kennel facility, or similar setting which included the care and handling of animals.

Knowledge of: techniques and procedures for the safe, humane, and efficient handling of animals; laws and ordinances governing the licensing, treatment, and impounding of animals; the symptoms of common animal diseases; common breeds of domestic animals and appropriate practices for their care and feeding.

Ability to: establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relations with the public and other employees; handle animals humanely and safely; discharge firearms safely and accurately; read and comprehend laws and regulations pertaining to animal control; present evidence and testify in court cases; clearly explain animal control procedures and regulations to the public; exercise tact and good judgment in dealings with the public; recognize symptoms of rabies and other animal diseases; ability to keep statistical records.

Supplemental Information:
Candidates should submit a detailed resume indicating how they meet or exceed the above qualifications. Mail your resume to: County Administration Center, P.O. Box 1569, 4080 Lemon St. First Floor, Riverside, CA 92503. Or email resume to:

Candidates should also contact the HR Testing center for an exam appointment. All Applicants will need to bring a photo I.D. and an updated copy of their resume on plain white paper. Veterans will need to bring a copy of the DD214 and a copy of their letter of service related disability (if applicable) at the time of examination for consideration for Veteran's preference.

If an accommodation is needed, please make your request at the time you schedule your appointment. Riverside County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

If you are a current employee and would like your resume considered for this recruitment, you will also need to schedule an exam appointment at the HR testing center.

Riverside testing location:
4080 Lemon Street, Riverside, CA 92502
Basement Room #13
Phone: (951) 955-5844

For any further questions regarding this position, please contact Jennifer Moquin at (951) 358-3822 or email to:
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