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Old 07-02-2007
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I am more careful with the cats. About 6 years ago I went out to the farm to collect a wild barn cat. She is the sister to my oldest cat and she is a what could be called a calico siamese. Just beautiful. But, very wild. We cornered her in the feed room. She ripped my arms to shreds and bit me on my left hand ring finger. As soon as she bit me I knew it was a trip to the hospital. I grabbed the cat and got her in a box and brought her home. At 11pm that night, with the cat scratch fever streaks up to my elbow I went to the hospital. My hand looked like a catchers mitt. It swelled up so that all my fingers were touching. I couldn't use it for over a month and it stayed swelled up for almost 3 weeks. I had to get 2 different shots at the hospital and was on antibiotics for 3 weeks. I still have that cat and it took me 4 and a half years to get her domesticated. I'm still the only one who can pick her up. She has turned into a very sweet and affectionate cat. But what average person has 4 years to invest in a feral cat? I did it because I did have the time and the farmer was just going to shoot her. Only spaying and neutering is going to reduce the number of wild, diseased and unwanted cats.
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Old 07-03-2007
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from the Louisiana School of Veterinary Medicine webpage(

"Which is worse, dog bites or cat bites?"

"...large dogs can exert more than 450 pounds of pressure per square inch—and their teeth are relatively dull. So the wounds caused by dogs are usually crushing of the tissue bitten and lacerations or tearing of the skin rather than puncture wounds...

"Cats’ teeth are thin and sharp, so ... [t]hese wounds can reach into joints and bones and introduce bacteria deeply into the tissue. Puncture wounds are very difficult to clean, so a lot of bacteria may be left in the wound. Also, most cat bites are to the hand, which makes infection more likely.

"Dog bites often do more outright damage, but only 3 to 18 percent [of dog bites] become infected. In contrast, cat bites may appear more trivial, but up to 80 percent of cat bites may become infected if proper care is not taken. [my boldface:wk]

Originally Posted by Dale4 View Post
I lost the middle finger of my right hand due to a cat bite.
And, OMG, Dale4, I'm so sorry. I feel a "goose walking over my grave" when I hear that story. I was bitten by my own cat when I snagged him out of the mddle of a cat fight, then ignored the bite (bar the usual cleaning etc.). I had to go to the doctor for something totally unrelated about two days later. He saw my finger and freaked on me ... injection antibiotics, antibodies, the whole nine yards. Apparently I had a tendon infection that would have lost me the finger, if it had gone about another 36 hours. (That's when I first heard the "80% infection rate" lecture from my doctor. )

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Old 07-03-2007
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I went to the hospital right away. I got absessed and the doctors didn't treat it right. The infection distroyed the knuckel joint. The tryed to fuse it, wire it, and bone graft, it to no avail. The doctors finally had to take it off. It's okay! I still have my hand and can still do my job.
Animals can't speak for themselves. We need to speak for them.
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Old 07-06-2007
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Angry Oh Man!

Sorry to hear about your experience. I have been so careful after reading just how serious a cat bite is. Thanks for all the info.


Progress stops at the Cemetary.
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Old 07-12-2007
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Default If you haven't seen it....

Here's one reason why cats are dangerous
and another...

Did you notice that both of these people are holding the cat in much the same way-uncomfortable for the cat and it shows!

Another interesting cat-fact is, they cannot move their jaws side-to-side because the muscle structure is designed to deliver that "kill bite" to the back of the neck of it's prey, one program I saw stated that when a cat approaches you and dips it's head, it's a sign of trust-but cats can be moody and unpredictable-so what am I telling you, right?

TNR vs. Capture/Euthanize
It's not the cats fault for it's circumstance but ferals fall into a grey area-they're not "wildlife" but they are certainly not domesticated, either.
Our state law doesn't "allow" for TNR becasue in a nutshell, if you fed it, you own it and you'd better have a license and a rabies certificate.
However, at one location here, ACO's have been picking up and offing cats for TWENTY YEARS and each year, there were more cats born to this colony and they were picked up, killed and more appeared.
Talk about job security...Isn't insanity doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result and really, don't you have better things to do with your time?

Finally, one person began a TNR project and last year was the FIRST YEAR that no kittens were born to this colony-however that didn't seem to satisfy local ACO's who removed the food that was put out for these animals and destroyed/removed the shelters that were placed there with the property manager's permission.
There were to the best of my knowledge no citizen complaints about this project and local ACO's were citing "the law says" "the law says" the law says".
As the then-supervisor stated, rabies was his primary concern-I understand that and I pointed out that the animals that were trapped all received their rabies shots, tested for feline diseases and if positive, euthanized.
Of course, some cats meet unfortunate ends or a GoodYear, Bridgestone or Michilin, but if I'm not mistaken, TNR has never been presented as a solution to ferals but a management effort at controlling the numbers and caring for the animals as best you could.
I certainly don't expect our ACO's to do TNR, but why not a little more "live and let live" where a responsible TNR volunteer is working, especially if there are no citizen complaints?
Make contact with the person overseeing the project and let them know, okay as long as no complaints and don't abandon this colony.

If however you choose to start trapping and killing becasue "the law says" "the law says" "the law says", please don't be stunned when you find yourself with a public relations black-eye especially if your opponent is a figure that people can sympathize with and has some media-savvy.
You might be painted in a poor light for being precieved as "wanting to kill" these animals they are caring for that no one has complained about.
It's a situation from which there are no good routes of egress.

I look at it this way, if you grab someone and try to choke them, their natural response is to fight back becasue they have a will to live-are cats any different?
Nope-they have a will to live, too because that's part of the natural order.
If no one is complaining and the animals are being cared for, let it be-unless you get orders from on-high or a complaint.
Heck, some of these TNR volunteers could be saving you some work.
ACOFunstop Citizen Oversight
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Old 07-12-2007
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Thanks for the useful info!!


Progress stops at the Cemetary.
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