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Old 02-23-2010
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Originally Posted by shawnee2630 View Post
I will leave you on the side of the road of you want to tell me I dont know what I am talking about, that you know better because you have two dogs and watch animal planet.

I had to comment on this. You get the "I watched it on animal planet....", I used to get the same thing but when I graduated, it was "...the doctor on the internet said...." and I would tell them, "Why don't you get that doctor to prescribe the medications if they are telling you what is wrong with your pet." They would give me the dumb look and I would tell them that the symptoms described by you brings up a certain number of disease differentials, etc. The only way to really know what is going on is to examine the animal and run the appropriate tests, if necessary. Most of my clients know not to make the comment that "Computer Doctor said..." since I will just tell them that they either have to trust me or the computer. If they don't trust my opinion, then go to another doctor who will prescribe the medications that you want but I'm not going to prescribe medications based on what the owner wants and not what the animal needs.
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