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Old 02-01-2007
sparkey431 sparkey431 is offline
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Location: Lusby, MD
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Default Licenses

here in Prince Georges County MD.

the charge for altered dogs, cats an ferrets- $5.00
un-altered- $ 25.00
senior citizens over the age of 65, 2 free lic.

these are all yearly from date of purchase.
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Old 02-01-2007
kevin kevin is offline
Probationary Trainee
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Location: Manhattan/Riley Co. KS.
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We charge $6 for dogs and cats tha are altered and we charge $12 for unaltered dogs and cats. You have the option of buying up to a three year if you hhave a three year rabies vac. Also any dog or cat has to be current if reclaimed from the city shelter prior to the animals release
Kevin Dorritie
Animal Control Officer
Manhattan/Riley Co. KS.
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Old 02-02-2007
carrie_cat carrie_cat is offline
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Default Vet collaboration

Originally Posted by tbendall
As an additional question.....

When I lived in St Lucie County, Florida, the Vets informed the county of animals they treated and then the county would check if you had a current license. If not - you get a letter etc.

Do any of you have a similar arrangement with Vets??
Yes, so people who care for colonies (groups of feral cats that have been trapped, sterilized and returned) and who don't work through a TNR program, are really in a pickle. If they take cats to one of these vets, they are basically punished (fined) for taking on the burden to fix the cats. If they don't take cats to the vet, obviously they are not providing really adequate care. Our program provides for retrapping and vet visits for sick colony cats. So far that works well, and caretakers have not been hounded. But, "indy" caretakers have shared copies of the letters.

In our area, I think SOOOO few people take their *pets* to the vet regularly, that this approach doesn't reach all that many animals. But, I guess it is something. Next step is to make license fees actually offer a real return for cat owners!

We DO have differential license fees, and I don't think anyone has objected that it's discriminatory. (We are one of the places with a Pit Bull Ban too ...) Then again, I think, we are not a hotbed of breeder activity, either, other than the Pennysaver posters and "ooops" litter types.
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Old 02-02-2007
GoDucks GoDucks is offline
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Location: Orange County California
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Yes, we have a similar arrangement. Every month the vets in the county mail us their rabies ceritficates or, sometimes the ACO's have to pick them up, and then all of the info is inputted into Chameleon as a "vac cert" in Chameleon. This way mailers can be sent out to the dog owners or our licensing canvassers can follow up in person and charge lots more fees for not licensing on time. I don't really agree with it. it doesn't seem like fair play to me.
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Old 02-04-2007
Ofc.Luther's Avatar
Ofc.Luther Ofc.Luther is offline
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Location: Adams County PA
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WOW looking at all the posts in the section make me feel like I live in the boone docks.

Adams County PA

6.50 altered
8.00 unaltered

We need to raise our prices.
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Old 02-04-2007
ACOCapitalCity ACOCapitalCity is offline
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Location: Washington DC
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$13 altered dog
$46 unaltered dog

nothing for cats and ferrets are not allowed in city limits.

Washington DC
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Old 02-10-2007
dispatchgoddess50 dispatchgoddess50 is offline
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Location: California
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Altered: $12/1 year, $33/3 years ($6/1 year, $15/3 year senior citizens)

Unaltered: $30/1 year, $87/3 years ($11/1 year, $33/3 year senior citizens)
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Old 02-18-2007
Ant's Avatar
Ant Ant is offline
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Location: Arkansas
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Fayetteville, AR - currently its $5 for s/n animals and $15 for unaltered
A new proposed city ord. will make it $75 for unnaltered. The license fees will go directly into a low cost s/n clinic.
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Old 02-18-2007
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Sunny Sunny is offline
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Annual License - $25

Extended 2 year - $40

Entended 3 year - $60

Protentially Dangerous Dog - $75

Dangerous Dog - $100

We know longer have the Lifetime..but honour the ones that already have it.

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Old 02-20-2007
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Originally Posted by Opie913
My city now contracts with the county to handle licensing. The county charges $100 for unaltered animals and $12 for altered. They also charge a $100 breeder's permit if you wish to breed your dog (and you are limited to one litter per year).

And I is not discrimination. It is an incentive. If it is discrimination, wouldn't it be discrimination to offer senior citizen discounts??
I find your breeder's permit very interesting, as our law states that you need a breeders permit only if you have more than 1 litter a year.

Monterey County, CA
$40 1 yr unaltered
$50 2 yr unaltered
$60 3 yr unaltered
$10 1 yr altered
$15 2 yr altered
$20 3 yr altered
$9 sr discount only if altered for 1-3 years (however long the vacc is good for)

We also charge a $20 late fee if you're 1 day or 10 yrs late I know it's stupid.

Oh here:
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