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Old 01-17-2007
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The county I live in charges $10 for all dogs (Delaware County Ohio) The county I work in charges $8 for altered dogs and $16 for unaltered dogs. Those fees double after the grace period which ends Jan. 31 (Franklin County Ohio). Each county can decide what their dog license will be, but there are restrictions to that by Ohio law. Its in ORC 955.
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Old 01-17-2007
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Default dog license

In Connecticut we charge $19.00 for male or female over the age of six months with proof of rabies. $8.00 is spayed or neutered. There is a one dollar a month late fee. Also a $75.00 fine for failure to license and the owner still must license if they receive the infraction which could be issued daily.
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Old 01-17-2007
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We have all our licenses on a computer database. When a dog with a lifetime license dies or is given away or sold we ask that the people come in and change the information. Its up to them to do it, and we encourage them by sending our reminder notices every couple of years when the system is updated.
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Old 01-17-2007
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Spartanburg SC:

County has no licensing at all.

City of Spartanburg only has licensing for dogs at present
Unaltered $12 - goes up to $22 if they get them late (3 months +)
Altered $6 - goes up to $16 if late

Non-compliance fines are $153

Have proposed the following changes which we are hoping to get through at the end of this year:

Applies to Both Dogs and Cats
Unaltered $35
Altered $10
Altered Lifetime $50

As an additional question.....

When I lived in St Lucie County, Florida, the Vets informed the county of animals they treated and then the county would check if you had a current license. If not - you get a letter etc.

Do any of you have a similar arrangement with Vets??
Tony Bendall
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Old 01-18-2007
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My city now contracts with the county to handle licensing. The county charges $100 for unaltered animals and $12 for altered. They also charge a $100 breeder's permit if you wish to breed your dog (and you are limited to one litter per year).

And I is not discrimination. It is an incentive. If it is discrimination, wouldn't it be discrimination to offer senior citizen discounts??
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Old 01-18-2007
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Kitchener, Ontario, Canada:

$15 altered $8 (senior citizen)
$30 unaltered $16 (senior citizen)
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Old 01-18-2007
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A higher fee isn't discriminating...we look at it this way....before the 31st of March of each year it is $35 for unspayed females and $10 for males...after the 31st it goes up by $10.00. We give a discount if the pet is fixed and only charge $10.00. So really we're not charging more for an unaltered...we are giving a bonus savings for fixing the animal.
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Old 01-20-2007
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Default Dog Licnesing

We charge $19 for altered and $75 for unaltered. No charge for certified service or police dogs.
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Old 01-23-2007
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In Southern MD the charge for dogs and cats over age of 6 months is
$5.00 for fixed and $15.00 if not. License is good for one year from date of purchase. We are hoping to raise it $2.00 for each with a kick back to the place that sold the license. Also hoping to start a breeders license sometime this year.
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Old 01-24-2007
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$10 per year Altered
$30 per year Un-Altered
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