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Old 12-15-2006
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Default Breeding

Since it came up, I'm curious how many ACO's have ever bred one of their animals or worked in or participated in a breeding operation of some type?
I think we all know the travesty of over breeding and have watched our shelters get overloaded with unwanted puppies and kittens. We watch the purebreds of all types parade through. We've all run the calls at homes where someone got an animal that they were absolutely unsuited for.
But, I for one, do not believe in a 100% total moratorium on breeding (ducking as I write that).
One of my horses came from a breeder. I bought him because I knew his half brothers and I adored their personality and attitude. He's been everything I've ever dreamed of in a horse and I love him dearly.
The other horse was a "rescue". A marriage and a business partnership fell apart. The owner lost his home, his truck and his barn. Copper was living on a stake out with plenty of food, but no shelter and no way to move him to a new place. I took him in, the ugly old 18 year old grade TWH with one lame foot. I kinda cringed thinking he'd cost me a fortune in special shoes, feed, etc. Instead he's been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I adore him too and he'll stay with me till his last day.
Now here's where I get egged and stoned. I breed Weimaraners. Not many, and only the best. I've spayed and neutered more than I've ever bred. I've rescued about 10 times as many Weims as I've produced. And I am available to my puppy owners 24/7. If they need help, advice, moral support, you name it, I'm only a phone call away. My dog's have to pass health tests, temperament tests, performance trials, conformation shows and more. I expect the same out of any of the dogs I breed to. I won't breed to anyone's Weims unless they have passed health, temperament and performance tests and they must also be supportive of puppy owners, particular about who they sell to AND participate in rescue. Any stud fees I've earned were always spent right back on the dogs, so really I've never made a penny at it.
I spay and neuter neighborhood stray cats. I spay and neuter dogs for people who are having trouble getting it done.
I know a lot of people who are very very active in animal control activities that breed. Every one of them does it because they love dog sports and dogs. The love of their pure bred dogs and the breeding program they've developed has fueled them on to do more rescue and help more people.
Just curious how many other ACO's have ever produced puppies or kittens or foals, etc.
I think there is a wealth of information I've learned over the years watching these intact dogs interact and do their thing and while raising young pups.

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Old 12-15-2006
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I bred bettas once. :P



I have no problem with good breeders, though, honestly. I mean, the ones that are around to better the breeds that they are passionate about, not the ones that sell "malti-poos" and "pure bred puggles!" on craigslist just to make a quick buck.
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Old 12-15-2006
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Hi there....I have absolutely no problem with long as it is done responsibly. Yes there are responsible breeders out there but they are not the ones we receive complaints about. As for personal breeding...I have bred cornsnakes in the past with limited success and I am studying and am looking forward to breeding some tarantulas.
Dogs think they're people, cats think they're gods.
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Old 12-15-2006
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I breed horses, but not every year. I let my chickens breed indescriminately and we keep the hens and get rid of the roosters. We also harvest the pre-chicks for breakfast. :lol:

pre-chicks = eggs! :)
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Old 12-17-2006
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I'm not opposed to responsible breediers either. But how many of those do we see? This job has made me jaded. When I hear people say their animal is pregnant the hair on the back of my neck stands up. I have to fight the urge to drag said person back to the shelter and show them the freezer full of unwanted animals. I have never owned an unaltered dog or cat or ferret. I even got my husband fixed!!

I have recently joined our local German shepherd dog club. I've always loved the breed, and two years ago I rescued one from work. (See my avatar? That's my boy!). One day I'd like to get a puppy from a good breeder and join the world of dogs shows. I'd love to have a dog that I can show in conformation and obedience trials and agility.
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Old 12-17-2006
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Originally Posted by mzk10
I even got my husband fixed!!

You scare me!

Although...I wish I had video of one of my officers yesterday demonstrating his desire to be neutered....I was rolling!
A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. --Josh Billings
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Old 12-17-2006
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Michelle B.

Someone wrote: "I'm not opposed to responsible breediers either. But how many of those do we see?" That's just the point. You won't often run into the responsible breeders because they *don't* generally cause a problem for animal control. Most of them would be horrified if one of their pups ended up in a shelter at any time during its life, but it sometimes happens, most often because the persons they sold to in good faith either a) misrepresented themselves, b) have had a falling out with the breeder and want to *punish* him or her, or c) have a had a change of heart or change of lifestyle and are too embarassed to let the breeder know. And before you say that's an indication that the breeder didn't screen his buyers well enough, just stop and count all the animals that get returned or taken to a shelter after having been adopted from a shelter or rescue!

Responsible breeders can be among a shelter's/animal control department's biggest supporters and allies, provided that they are treated respectfully. But my experience has been that many in the animal care and control field tend to paint all *breeders* with the same brush and consequently treat them all like scum. That's sad, because there's a world of difference between the guy who lets his mixed breed bitch run loose while she's in heat, the teacher who frantically advertises for a male mastiff when hers comes in season, or the backyard breeder who's always advertising litters of various poo and other mixes, and the responsible breeder who only breeds carefully selected, temperament- and health-tested dogs that have proven their mettle in the show ring and/or various performance events. Lumping them all together like this just results in alienating those who can help us - and the animals we serve - the most.

As for me, my family and I have bred, raised, trained and shown Belgian Tervuren and German Shepherds in conformation, obedience, schutzhund, agility, and herding, among other things. I no longer have Shepherds, and have only two Belgians; a spayed older bitch and a young male. I generally go at least two to five years between litters; my last litter (of one) is now 10.5 years old. I am on the lookout for another bitch to show and breed, but it may be years before I find what I'm looking for. I'm in no hurry. In the meantime, I amuse myself by occasionally fostering pregnant bitches or those with newborn litters.

And hey, MB - Weims are among my favorite breeds, too. I especially like the longhaired ones, and would love to have one someday. I like Catahoulas, too, but hubby nixed that one (he's not fond of shorthaired breeds).

Michelle B.
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Old 12-17-2006
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If you haven't seen the Nova special on dogs (narrated by John Lithgow!!) you should rent it! There's this slightly 5150 guy on it who has some really good points about breeding. There's also this breeder who purposely inbreeds her dogs because she has "good results with this family." (How would you like to have your great-grandfather's baby???) The film really educated me on breeding and the history of dogs in general, and was fun to watch!

My personal beliefs about breeding are really harsh, and I won't put them on here to avoid starting a sh*tstorm. I will say that each and every person who breeds dogs should be required to visit a shelter, take a tour through the fridge, and watch that 4-week-old litter of pitbulls that was left in a dumpster be euthanized. Then they can get their license.
I think I've lost all faith in human-kind.

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Old 12-17-2006
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Default I been breeding & showing dogs and with an Animal Shelte

I been doing this for over 16 years now and been volunterring for animal shelters the same time. I've at times came to do my volunteer work with my dogs in a SUV with the pups in tow at this one shelter. Man, the shelter had a blast with my pups, It also help soc. my puppies with people and strange dogs. I never had a issues with any shelter worker or ACO breeding and showing dogs. There's a Hollister ACO, she shows Aussies. She been to busy to show the dogs, so she has my name and number if she needs me to be her handler. I think any shelter or ACO that gets upset that one of their workers is a breeder has major issues. Not all breeders are bad,.. Take a look at my site at I'm very very strict on my selling any animal.
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Old 12-18-2006
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I have decided that breeders are not irresponsible. They are in total denial. There are responsible breeders who only sell with contracts, and will take responsibility for the pups long after the sale, and always take them back regardless. If I were to breed animals I would have them microchipped as well so that I'd know who was letting my babies run loose. Too bad we can't regulate puppy prices so that they are so expensive only those who could afford to care for it would have one.
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