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Old 02-04-2009
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Default 1998 GMC Sonoma

Hey all,

I own a 1998 GMC Sonoma (aka S-10) with over 163,000 mile on her. The water pump is leaking and about to break(again). I have already rebuilt the transmission twice and almost everything else that could break has done so. My questions is does anyone else out there own or has owned one of these trucks? How long has it lived before you sent it to the junkyard in the sky? With the way the banks are handing out money I won't be seeing a loan til 2020. I hate to keep fixing everything on her but I don't think we could get a car right now so I need to know if she can last for a few more miles.

I guess I could use this as an excuse to get that side car I always wanted.... "Sweetie, how else am I going to get the dogs to the vet? They won't ride cupcake."

Cheers, Scooterchic
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Old 02-04-2009
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i had a 1996 chevy silverado half ton pick up that had 184,000 miles on it when i finally got rid of it 2 years about come was my mom's truck brand new in 96' and then i got it in 2000 when i got my license. We replaced just about everything having to do with the radiator and heating system several times, you could only open the passenger door from the outside, and the starter was replaced twice. I actually sold it to a coworker at my old shelter and he fixed it up and is still driving it and using it for towing. My main reason for selling it was gas was costing too much...but with all the heating problems i was scared to drive it too far for fear of it overheating.

So what i'm trying to say is save yourself the hassle of having to repair every other month and get yourself a new car...with the finance rates on new cars you can't really lose, and you will save yourself a LOAD of stress.
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Old 02-04-2009
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I have always believed you are either making a payment everymonth on a vehilce or you are paying for repairs every month on a vehicle. I personally would rather make a payment and have the warranty take care of the repairs. Just my $.02.

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Old 02-04-2009
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In a way Iím like 336, I would rather have something new and reliable as opposed to something I have to keep fixiní on all the time. However, us old folks also reason that for the price of the down payment and three or four monthly payments, you can probably fix it up and make it last for a couple of more years.

When I came to work here, we had an S-10 (canít remember the year, but Iím thinking 87) with a 4 banger, a slide in ShorLine and 100+K miles on it. The little 4 cylinder was so noisy that one day when I pulled up in front of a house a retired truck driver came out and said that he didnít realized they put diesel engines in something that small. Up a hill, in any kind of a head wind, the WFO, foot to the floor top end of that truck was 60 MPH.

Anyhow, we retired it in 98 when we bought my D 2500, but public works took it over. To the best of my knowledge, it is still in their fleet.
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Old 02-04-2009
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I have an 89' Ford F-150 coming up on 200,000 mi. Besides changing the oil 3 times a year, new tires and 1 ignition module she hasn't let me down. She's got some rust over the tires on the bed, I think I moght remove the bed altogether and make her a custom flat bed utility truck. I do all my own work so other than insurance the major expenses are gas, tires and state emission and safety inspections. I'm gonna keep her til she won't move on her own !
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Old 02-04-2009
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Well my dads S-1 went for 18 years and my first one went for 17 years... my second one still going I just traded it for a Wrangler instead.
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