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Old 05-23-2011
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Maddog and the rest,

Exactly my sentiments. I lost a lot of money and clients due to the corrupt ACOs that I saw harming the community they were supposed to serve. I won't say any more than that. Due to my standing up, my old partner now has become the new ACO in the area. The shelter got cleaned up since the current acting Supervising vet. spoke up about the horrible conditions after the corrupt ACO was fired (in order to save the corrupt ACO's job). The Supervising vet. thought that by stating that the new ACO was not cleaning, it would have caused the old ACO to be reinstated. The problem is that the mess described was caused by weeks to months of neglect. I have not been down to the shelter in years, but from what I heard, DPW was sent down to help the new ACO clean up the shelter and a good job was done. I have only heard good things about the job that my old partner is doing.

Improvements can only occur when someone is brave enough to stand up to those who get a "power trip". In my case, the work that I and my clients (the residents that were being abused by this ACO) did, caused a state investigation of the shelter and the local health department. Now, ACOs are being background checked before hire. This will hopefully weed out the criminals. I suggested to the State that the people should be background checked before being allowed to become certified as ACOs. Then, there is no question as to whether a background check was performed.

Why not? Doctors have to be background checked before we apply to medical/veterinary school. We have to sign off allowing childhood records to be opened. Any drug conviction, you never get into those types of schools. The same should be for any law enforcement officers.
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