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Old 02-01-2007
carrie_cat carrie_cat is offline
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Default Confidentiality and the need to enlighten and inform

I agree with SJAS1, I think breed (or species, for that matter!!) is not the issue, and it's all about our success at training humans to be good around animals <G>.

I'm a little bit frustrated over the whole animal-fighting problem. I've been told by people who may not know a thing, that feral kittens and cats have also been used as bait in training fighting dogs. Naturally, for a TNR advocate like me, that's another strong argument for TNR to get kittens off the streets, and get cats off or at least under some protection, if we possibly can.

What frustrates me is that efforts against dog fighting seem to be pretty confidential, and I can appreciate the need for confidentiality. But on the other hand, how is the public supposed to get a handle on what works and what protects people and animals if it isn't possible to get any information? It's a real conundrum, I think. And frankly, my concern is that a lot of talk about anti-dog fighting efforts can take the place of real programs that are actually stopping the fighting.

One of my earliest animal related memories is of being knocked flat on the sidewalk by a friend's big and over-enthusiastic ........


So I'm convinced that training beats bsls.
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