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Old 09-22-2005
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Hi Jimbo

No, I'm pretty sure it is AC/DC. Unless, it is origanally done by Nazereth...I was downloading music and typed in AC/DC and that song came up. Have a great week and weekend.

"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated".

"Saving just one pet won't change the world, but, surely the world will change for that one pet." You might be the only love they know in their life.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly

You can either be the cure or the disease.
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Old 10-11-2005
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Old 10-11-2005
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Note to posters - the moderators of ACOFunStop encourage all of our visitors to respect the anti-piracy laws in effect throughout the country. Your ISP, in conjunction with the recording industry and leading members of the un-American affairs select committee on bad internet habits have declared unlawful downloading a punishable offense that may result in spurious litigation against you & your immediate family. By their careful efforts, Grokster and others have been brought low and may soon suspend any peer-to-peer file sharing networks now in place. Don't forget that the literary people are going after Google for trying to of all things, put out of print books within reach of at least SOME of the people who would be able to read them (not that theres a general market for dusty tomes amongst the purchasing public - more like a niche market of scholars and people with too much disposable income to do more than look at the cover under glass.) So beware, the cyber-cops are sleuthing as we speak (er type...) and may be targeting you for their next RIAA vs Downloader John/Jane Doe number 4653.

Oh man, the caffeine just kicked in along with the sugar and lack of fresh oxygen....
Mark Kumpf
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Old 10-28-2005
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Default Song in question

It is Nazareth and it is actually called "Hair of the Dog". If it is the same song. I know of no AC/DC song called that.
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Old 12-24-2005
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Default tethered dog

I have to strongly disagree that tethering a dog is a "personal freedom." Personal freedoms only extend to inanimate objects such as car and property. A dog is a living, breathing, sentient creature and therefore has a right to be treated differently than property. It is our moral if not legal responsibility to respect the creatures we live side-by-side with. To stand by while another creature is mistreated or exploited is an acceptance of that standard and should not be tolerated by anyone whether legal or not. The more we speak out against these wrongs, the more people will realize that it is not acceptable.

Tethering a dog is 24/7 is iisolating him and taking away anything resembling a life for him. Its cruel and neglectful and not even necessary. Why would anyone want to get and keep a dog only to tie him up where he's not a companion?

There's no law requiring anyone to have a dog so why adopt one unless you really want a companion? Irresponsible people should not have the right to "own" pets.

As an ACO or a human being, we should all encourage higher standards for our canine pals, not defend cruel practices.

You may never know what results come from our action, but if you do nothing, there will be no result - Mahatma Gandhi
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