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Old 06-15-2006
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Default Vaccinated Dog gets Rabies
Vaccinated dog gets rabies, so certain doses are recalled
Fort Dodge Animal Health has voluntarily recalled 330,000 doses of rabies vaccine sold nationwide after a vaccinated dog got rabies.

Kelly Goss, a spokeswoman for the company, which is based in Overland Park, said it was not clear why the animal got rabies.

“In the best interest of pet owners and animals, we made a decision to voluntarily recall that product,” she said.

The company mailed notices to veterinarians on May 25 and will reimburse them for any needed re-vaccination, Goss said. Doctors are notifying the owners of any affected pets to bring in the animals for free shots if they need re-vaccinating.

Fort Dodge began selling the recalled batch in January 2005. Goss didn’t know how many vets had bought the recalled lot.

Fort Dodge had tested batches of vaccine with serial numbers issued around that of the affected lot and found no problems, she said. The recalled vaccine is Rabvac 3 TF, serial number 873113A.

| The Star

This is why even vaccinated animals should be Quarantined. A little scary .
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Old 06-15-2006
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Michelle B.

That very brief article doesn't really provide much information. I'm left wondering:
How old was the dog?
Was this its first rabies vaccination?
If not, how many RVs had it had previously, and when?
Was the dog tested to find out whether it had a normally-functioning immune system?

And yes, we quarantine all biting or exposed animals, regardless of vaccination status.

Michelle B.
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