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Old 01-16-2007
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Default A Moment of your itme please - ACO Advice

Greetings and Happy Monday! What a wonderful website. Im so glad i found it, I certainly appreciate any who read this and provides input. Im posting this to more than one area - i hope they are ares, and not the same post over and over. If this is the case i apologize

my name is William - I live on the New Hampshire/Massachusetts Border. I am 36 and am a self employed professional Web designer/developer & printer

I am selling this business, and have always had a sincere desire to work with animals, for thier welfare, for thier wellbeing. I have animals and have worked on a farm out west for many years. I have so much experience and skills with all kinds of animals, especially what they like, and what they need. I am 36. in outsatnding physical condition, i have children. I have looked deeply, in my heart of hearts and know this is what i will do for a rewarding, most satisfying career. I volunteer and have for several years for the Red Cross, I remember serving the people affected by Katrina when i was in Louisiana, i met many ASPCA officers going house to house, I wished i could have helped them. I have put many, many inquiries at local shelters for volunteerism, they are super booked, most do not reply. I see there is a zillion ACO job opportunities country-wide. some have extensive requirements, some do not - I beleive here in Massachusetts you have to sttend a Police academy and be no more than 32years of age.

I have scoured the internet for a couple of tears on and off. it is very difficult to find training to qualify for jobs - i think mainly it is because there are not many training schools for this? mayber also because requirements vary state to state or county to county? I wish to have help in the training area, do you know of a school, or virtual learning? that can qualify the fundamentals of most states. I realize on the job training is most crucial, but im certain they all require animal education first.. Indeed I will travel anywhere to aquire the skills and education to follow this wise choice of the most humane endeavor. I have lived in the Southeast for a short time - and in Oregon for many years - Im certain I will travel should i need to - to find a great job in animal control or related animal field. I Have great compassion for even the smallest of Gods creatures and know without a doubt this is what i am being led to do. - Well, Nuff Said!!! I do belive with this wonderful site - i should receive wonderful feedback. I thank you in advance.

Warm Regards, And for the work you do - Blessings to you.

William Gibson
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