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Old 08-13-2008
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Default Housing in guillotine door kennels

Quick question:

Does anyone have any written policy or know of any documents providing recomendations from the national organization in reference to the housing of dogs as it pretains to split kennels.

We regularly operate (as do most of us) at well over capacity and are required to double or (gulp) triple or more some of our receiving/holding kennels which are the two sided guillotine door type indoor/outdoor.

What do most of you do - do you double up with access to both sides, do you split the kennel in half creating two and go one to a side, etc. I want to write a solid policy on it but want samples and thoughts and recomendations on what the national organizations recommend and what others are doing.

I can be reached at:

Thanks everyone.
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Old 08-13-2008
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We have been known to split the kennels when we reach full capacity, but it's pretty rare. luckily it tends to happen in the summer, so weather is not an issue with dogs being shut on the "outside" part.
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Old 08-13-2008
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Unfortunately I think our shelter just euthanizes the "chosen ones" in order to create space. I could be worng, but when we run out of room and then magically 20 minutes later there are 5 cages open, well you get the idea...

Don't work the shelter side, so I don't have any better ideas for you, sorry.
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Old 08-14-2008
Laelaps Laelaps is offline
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We used to, until VERY recently, house on both sides of our split kennels. That is, until we had an incident of a dog opening/breaking the guillotine door and attacking a dog on the other side. Our current policy is based on cage permutations put forth by a humane organization, but for some reason I can't remember which one. It's ONE dog per kennel, both sides-guillotine door open, unless two dogs came in together in which case they can be housed together. Disease and injuries are just so much more difficult to control when you're not using a two sided kennel they way it was designed. Now, when we reach capacity based on the aforementioned cage permutations, we actually stop taking in animals unless they are sick/injured or vicious, in which case we typically euth almost immediately.
The big difference is our kennels are not indoor/outdoor- they're 100% indoor. The doors are left open at all times unless the kennel is being cleaned.
I will see if I can find the recommendations and which organization they came from tomorrow at work.

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Old 08-14-2008
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Written policy: no access to one, never had one anywhere that I knew.

Experience in practice: Berkeley ACS euthanizes or gets dogs out to rescue in preference to doubling up (or did when I volunteered there). Luckily they don't have a lot of over-intake, usually. Marin Humane puts small (or very gentle) housebroken dogs on either side of a closed guillotine and posts both sides with "Dog on Other Side" signs so no one accidentally lets them in on each other, then has volunteers walk them for the poo/pee thing. Rancho Cucamonga, last I saw, doubles or triples up inside the whole run (the two or three dogs have access to each other and share the whole space of the run), and the guillotine is only closed during cleaning.

As you say, allowing staff to put active or aggressive dogs in kennels separated by a guillotine door is just asking for the day that somebody breaks through and hurts somebody.

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Old 08-24-2008
Laelaps Laelaps is offline
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OK well I finally found the cage permutations in our SOP's, but I cannot for the life of me get someone who can tell me what humane association calculated these. Our higher-ups used this to convince our board that when we were housing more than what these guidelines allow, we were housing inhumanely, and that we needed to have a cutoff limit on intakes.

Cage Permutations
Size / Pounds/ Sq. Ft. one side of cage/ Total Sq. Ft
Small/ 0-25 / 12/ 24
Medium/ 26-50/ 20 / 40
Large / 50+/ 24 / 48

Small Cage 24 ft2
Up to 2 small dogs
1 medium dog
1 large dog

Medium Cage 40 ft2
Up to 3 small dogs
2 medium dogs
1 large, 1 small dog
1 medium, 2 small

Large Cage 48 ft2
Up to 4 small dogs
2 medium dogs
2 large dogs
1 medium, 1 large dog
1 large, 2 small dogs
2 small, 1 medium dog
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Old 08-26-2008
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At my first shelter, the outside portion of the runs was not shaded by any means, nor did it have any rain protection. So keeping an animal in that section could only be done in the most optimal of weather conditions. At the building we recently moved out of here, the outside runs were covered, so it was no worse than a back yard, but I didnít have enough food and water bowls to equip more than what I could hold in the inside runs only.
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Old 08-31-2008
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i know this comes late... but at my previous ACO standing, we did the splitting of the pen. Closed the guillotine and had one on each side of the door. If we had to, we bullpenned 2-3 friendly, same sex dogs in one run (either side)
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