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Old 11-01-2008
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Originally Posted by tomahto View Post
that's funny, I had a similar rescue of a sick owl on a piling in the middle of a lagoon. I flagged down some people passing by in a motor boat and had them take me to the owl. surprisingly the owl was treated and rereleased. I was happy.
Excellent! That's such good news. Fishing line is such a b1tch -- it cuts, it tangles tighter and tighter, and usually there's a hook at one end, which always ends up somewhere it isn't supposed to be. The dam fool fishing community spike their bent hooks into the top of any old piling to get rid of them, cutting the line off short and leaving a foot or so of fishline trailing. Then some unsuspecting bird flies onto the piling, gets its leg tangled in the line, and tries to fly away, which leaves it hanging and flopping on the end of the line, unable to fly up to the top of the piling again.

My poor seagull was a goner. Compound fractured foot/leg by the time I got to him, so I had to do field euth. He'd been hanging there for about four hours -- my boneheaded swing shift officer got the call, went there, couldn't figure out what to do, and left him hanging until I got there three hours later. Idiot. And no excuse, either -- he knew boats, he just didn't want to be bothered.

And I guess if anyone out there doesn't have a lot of experience with boaters, it might be good to note that the sailing/boating community is very tight but very friendly. They love to be helpful in emergencies. So, if you have a situation you need help with, you can almost always knock on a dockside door, or find someone on their live-aboard at the docks, who will be more than happy to take you wherever you need to go out there. I couldn't find anyone to help me for my seagull trip (it was 1 am), but as good fortune would have it I was raised around boats, and felt very comfortable commandeering a canoe, given the exigency and "backup" from Comm Center. Hah. Hah. Hah.

It's not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts. (J.M. Lawrence)
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