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Old 05-11-2007
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Originally Posted by UNDRTKR
Originally Posted by KeepItWegging
After, being attacked and my Siberian Husky being attacked and others over the years being attacked by the Dalamtian. This one breed I don't include in the saying "Punish the Deed, Not the Breed" the bitting unprovked and breeders of the breed keeping it hidden with buyer contrects and ect,..It's the Breed and not the deed!
I am willing to bet if you look hard enough you will find more pit bulls kill people than dalmations.... You being a punish the deed not the breed supporter and all.... But yes, punish the dalmation because you think they suddenly decide "hmmm, I think I'll attack today, it'll be great fun!!! and nothing you did set this dog off.... Like I said in my post above, I too have had a dalmation that bit severely, and I know for a fact there was a reason for it, even though the victim technichally didnt provoke the dog; to the dog, it was fully provoked.
Some breeds are more nervous than others, requiring heavy training and socialization to keep under control. If the owner does not train or socialize properly, sometimes unknowingly, (which we failed to do so) then that is what happens.
It is owner error.
Just like your SIBERIAN husky being attacked, sounds like some dog aggression issues to me, not a dog that suddenly decided its a good idea to attack.
Perhaps you should not tell other officers they should look into finding another job because they forgot to include the word "SIBERIAN" in a dog breed...
Perhaps you should study dog behavior a little further before saying certain breeds just sit there and think "TIME TO ATTACK FOR NO REASON!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!
Just MY opinion, Not trying to start an argument here.
Acuse me I'm studding Veterinarian Meds,..I know what I'm talking about. I worked in this one pet hospital and we had like 5 cases over the years having Dals just up bit someone. As for out family dog bitting us, Whe where gentle on removing him off the couch. He was just like Pongo on "It's Me Or The Dog" Dals are mental dogs. I know Veterinarian also that refuses to treat Dalmatians for anything because she was mauled bady by not just one but 3 over her 28 years as a vet. The last one she ever treated went at her throut!! She was just talking to it and petting it and it attacked her! Personally I trust a starving Pit Bull that's trained to kill before another Dalmatian. As for what his face saying husky, it's wrong to not to defind what breed of husky,.. to me that makes a poor ACO! Yah he should take a breed education on all breeds, get a book, or look for another career. ACO's that will not defind a breed of dog upsets people, because he saying a name of a breed and it can be up 4 diffrent breeds he's talking about. When I worked in ACO I alsways defind the breed or definded the breed if it's a mix. As for Mark Google serach Dalmatian Attacks,.. You find quite a few. When my Siberian was attacked it wasn't the familly Dal attacking her, There was another dal in the nighborhood that went after too. Even at dog shows if I walk my almost Champion to a show ring at a dog show I have aleast 2 Dalmatian try to bite him! It's the breed being mental!

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