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Old 06-16-2011
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Default Line of Duty Deaths in Animal Control

This is a list of Line of Duty Deaths involving animal care, control and welfare professionals.

September 1906, Cincinnati, OH - Dog Catcher dies of rabies, was bitten on hand by stray dog months earlier

June 1909, Memphis, TN - Humane Officer shot and killed by foreman at a construction site while investigating overworked animals

July 1911, Butler, PA - Dog Catcher beaten to death with a baseball bat after impounding a dog

June 1917, Hamilton, OH - Dog Catcher shot and killed trying to impound three dogs that bit a person

July 1922, Outside of Houston, TX - Dog Catcher shot and killed by 14 year old boy during a dispute over a dog

April 1926, Columbus, OH - Dog Catcher accidentally shot and killed when his revolver fell to the ground and discharged

January 1939, New Brunswick, NJ - Dog Catcher dies of rabies in the hospital, was originally bitten in November

October 1944, Titusville, PA - Dog Catcher accidentally shot and killed by stray round fired by a policeman trying to shoot an aggressive dog

May 1946, St. Paul, MN - Dog Catcher dies after being struck in the head by a board after impounding a dog

July 1947, Kirksville, MO - Dog Catcher accidentally shot and killed by his own shotgun while removing it from his truck

January 1957, Trumbull, CT - ACO struck and killed by a passing vehicle while tending to an injured dog

January 1964, Winona, MN - Dog Catcher dies in motor vehicle accident while responding to a call, was hit head on by another vehicle

August 1972, Welch, WV - Dog Warden shot and killed after his weapon was taken away from him while serving a warrant

November 1987, Outside of Chicago, IL - Off duty ACO struck and killed by a vehicle while tending to an HBC dog

August 1993, San Mateo, CA - Humane Officer dies of heart aneurysm while on duty

December 1993, Oakland, CA - Police officer and two others killed in a shootout while trying to impound a pit bull

August 1999, Prairie Village, KS - ACO falls out of tree and dies during parrot rescue

October 1999, Gulfport, MS - ACO dies of cancer and was given burial w/full honors, unsure if cancer was work related

March 2000, Chattanooga, TN - ACO dies after being exposed to CO in euth room

March 2001, Biloxi, MS - ACO struck and killed by a train while chasing a pit bull

July 2002, Hazel Park, MI - Police officer shot and killed while on a call for a loose dog, was able to shoot suspect before dying

March 2005, Portland, ME - ACO dies of heart attack after catching a dog he chased for three hours

July 2005, Philadelphia, PA - ACO killed in traffic accident, other vehicle went over center divide and crashed head on into ACO truck

January 2006, Foster, CA - Director of non-profit animal rescue group and the two dogs she was transporting are killed when their vehicle is struck head on by a tractor trailer

January 2006, Alton, IL - ACO collapses and dies from a medical condition shortly after arriving for work

November 2006, Outside of Philadelphia, PA - Police officer struck and killed by a vehicle while moving a dead deer out of the road

June 2007, Bellmead, TX - ACO shot and killed while at shelter

February 2009, South Boston, VA - ACO killed when his vehicle left the road and struck a tree

October 2009, Plainfield, CT - ACO dies after being hospitalized since late September when she fell or was knocked to the ground while dealing with an aggressive dog

October 2009, Chicago, IL - ACO dies from a prior medical condition while dealing with a stray cat

March 2011, Bullard, TX – Sheriff’s Deputy dies in hospital four days after being attacked by a loose cow
Mark Kumpf
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Old 06-18-2011
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Honestly, I would have thought there would be more- not that there isn't enough people on the list.
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Old 06-18-2011
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It seems like I remember one from Southern Michigan a few years back that is not on the list....

I'm sure there is more out there buried for whatever reason. The list will only grow unfortunatly...

Everyone be carefull and always CHECK 360!
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Old 06-19-2011
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Plesently shocked at how short that list is!!
Cat hoarders, I don't like them
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Old 11-28-2012
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FYI same info as above, and then some on my new web site here:

The web site is the "current" list and is updated as LODD happen or as new ones are discovered.

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Old 09-26-2013
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Default Reference to Line of Duty Deaths in Animal Control

There is a saying :

No Job is more Dangerous and more Thankless than a Animal Control Officers.

Not many people look at us as professionals, and only seem to care when they need us. Stay safe and watch your 6.
As an Animal Control Officer, sometimes your the Dog, and other times you are the Hydrant.

Being a Public Servant is not easy, but we are the ones the public turns to when they need heros and or someone to complain about.
The Officer must always use discretion and do the best that he/she can and if necessary educate the public one way or the other.
This job is not for everyone, and not everyone can do what you can.
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