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Old 07-24-2009
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Originally Posted by assweetasbrandy View Post
So while I have been working as an ACO for only a short time now and absolutely loving it!!! I know that sooner or later I will have to move to another town so that I can afford to stay in this proffession. I am planning to try and stay at this location for 1 more year. So my question is...Where is the best place to be an ACO. I realize everytown has its downsides...but I can't live off and raise my family on $8/hr. So I figure I have a year to search it out...Where do you believe the best place is to be an ACO and/or what places pay the best? Thanks for your imput!!
For some reason Im thinking you live around Lexington. You might want to keep an eye on Louisville, Metro Animal Services. I just looked at the goverment salary page and it actually shows the yearly salary, earned to date, and overtime of each ACO. It looks like most of the ACO1s are making like 30 grand.
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Old 07-25-2009
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Originally Posted by Getting too old View Post
Iíve seen Nat. Geo. Shows about the damage from feral hogs on the islands, is that still an issue?

How do you get from island to island? Fly and rent a car?
That is a huge issue here. Since development has encroached up the mountain, a lot of folks have problems with feral hogs. The state was trapping for free but the program is on hold due to money issues. There are private trappers but I don't know the costs. Some folks call us to complain only to say they don't want to set traps. A lot of racist comments are made as to which race are "willing" to kill the hogs for food. My husband is Hawaiian-Filipino and I hear a lot of Filipino comments. I try to get them to understand why some measures are needed but they are set in their ways.

As to travelling island to island, you can either fly or if you have a friend who has a boat, boating. Boating takes too long so most fly. Inter-island flights are pretty cheap, about 100 bucks round trip or 50 one way. I had to go to Oahu last week so on my way back I took pics of all the islands on my way back. I'll post them when I get a chance.
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Old 07-26-2009
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I often wonder where the world would be right now if the human animal could rise above all of the racial or sexist issues.
There are no problems, only challenges and opportunities.
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