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Old 09-01-2011
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Originally Posted by twilightmedley View Post
I seen this and was confused so I didnt apply. I thought you just get paid for the calls you do and are on call all the time and I can't just leave my current job for a call (though I would love to sometimes lol ) Maybe I shouldn't be so picky.
I get paid per call and I'm ONLY on-call when I'm not working at my office. In other words, I'm only on call when I'm not working at my daytime job.
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Old 09-11-2011
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What they probably mean are 2 things:

1) Someone with a regular municipal job that will be "on-call" to handle calls when the regular ACO is unavailable, i.e. vacation, sick time, holidays, etc.

2) or someone to cover those times when the regular ACO is not working such as weekends, midnight shift, etc.

NJ is very strange with regards to ACO stuff.

By law, anyone who is an ACO must hold a certificate from the NJ State Health Dept - in other words they must be "certified". You cannot work as an ACO in NJ if you are not.

Additionally, State law requires every municipality to provide some sort of ACO response. So towns either hire an ACO to specifically do that, or give additional duties to a current employee such as a highway department worker (who is "certified") or to a private contractor.

Camden City had an arrangement where they had an ACO employee of the city who worked from Mon-Fri while the weekend was handled by a private contractor.

And because of state, local and Union requirements this job may already be filled but they had to post it.
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