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Old 09-28-2009
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A very good friend of mine that worked with me at CCSO had moved down from just outside Detroit. Her husband worked for the PD there. She worked for................GM?

Anyway, they transferred thinking it would be paradise. They lasted 6 months, put in their notice, sold the house and went back to Michigan. Yep, it's definitely all relative. Like I said, there are tons of people that love it and what it's become. They like the upscale areas with high rise condos. I like big open expanses of beach and few people. Everyone's different.

A friend of mine I grew up with just moved back to the general area. She's about an hour north in Cape Coral. She said she hates what Marco is like now. But the area she moved to is just like it. I don't get it, but she says she's happy. *shrugs*

Definitely republican area. At least it was heavy replublican when I was there. It's turning more liberal now, another thing I didn't like. Another reason I left. I think the unions served their purpose years ago. I don't think they have a place left these days in many areas. Just my opinion.

Love TN. Except the whole pet thing. Affordable to say the least. My annual property taxes are a fifth of what my rent was in Florida for a month. And I've got mountain views to die for from the front porch swing. See the sun come up from that swing in the mornings and watch it set over pasture land in the back each night from the deck. Peace and quiet, friendly but not nosey neighbors; exactly what we'd been looking for.
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