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Old 08-22-2009
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I’m too wrapped up in my own little world to pay attention to current events, but I do see several “SECEDE” bumper stickers on cars. One of our volunteers is quite the left wing activist and she was saying that Gov Perry was for secession, so that is when I took a look. There is a grass roots movement pushing for secession, and the governor has been pressured to go along, but to date he has resisted. There has even been local news interviewing constitutional lawyers about it.

Supposedly in 1845 when we joined the union, there was a part in the annexation treaty that allowed us to secede if we wanted to. The constitutional lawyers say that in 1865 as part of the reconciliation after the war was that nobody had the right to secede anymore.

Some people argue that our state economy would be better off without federal “help”, but others counter that there would be no federal disaster relief or other big dollar packages if we did secede. It was a pretty hot topic a month or two ago, but it seems to have run its course now.
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Old 08-22-2009
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Native Hawaiians have been talking about seceding since Hawaii became a state. They feel that the overthrow of their kingdom was illegal. Nowadays, there are so many people claiming royal entitlement to the throne that all of the "tribes" are at odds with each other. Then there's the land dispute that was just "settled" in court. Native Hawaiians are claiming land that the state currently posesses, not to mention N.H. housing issues. The state is trying to appease the situation but the N.H. are not completely letting things go. I understand the plight but I don't want to meddle. We have issues with folks claiming sovereignty but still draw Welfare from the state. When sovereignty is claimed, they give up their SSN, avoid state/county laws, have their own license plates and a membership card. All foreigners are not welcome past the hotels and strip malls. The word "tourist" gets thrown around a lot over here.
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