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Old 05-26-2009
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Default Gloves

What brand of gloves do you use for every day field use like handling confined animals, dead stuff, etc? We use the same gloves for everything in the field: deads, strays, etc.
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Old 05-26-2009
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I use the regular medical gloves and dispose of them afterward. Luckily I dont handle many dead things. Highway gets that lovely job.

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Old 05-27-2009
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I can't narrow down the types of gloves to just one. I actually have five types that I may wear at any given time, but not all at once mind you. I don't really wear gloves when dealing with dogs since I find they hold strange smells from other animals that some dogs don't like. If the dog is injured or immobile and needs to be packaged onto a stretcher or muzzled, I'll usually wear my Deerskin gloves, see below.

Rubber (disposable medical type) gloves for dead things. I carry these at all times in my bail out bag while on duty. All vehicles have boxes of these type gloves in them.

Deerskin (leather type) gloves for most wildlife (or feral cat) handling, may not be direct animal handling, but indirectly with wildlife (or feral cats) in nets/traps or if they're wrapped in a towel or for injured dogs. These gloves have saved me from several hand bites from HBC dogs. I carry these in my bail out bag.

Black mechanics gloves same as above on occasion, or for rescue calls. They work good for being on a rope hauling team or for some manipulative skills. I keep these in the On-Call/Large Animal Rescue 4x4 truck which is pretty much only driven by me since I'm the only one On-Call.

Black cloth neoprene coated gloves (aka handling gloves) for Large Animal Rescue manipulative skills, but not for being on a rope hauling team as they will not prevent rope burn. They work great for tying knots and for rigging rescue gear. I carry these in my bail out bag.

Raptor (aka welding or cat) gloves for handilng raptors, or during rescue calls where the chance of getting bitten is high, i.e. cats in car engines and such. Carried in most of our vehicles, I don't normally carry these though.

Hope this helps,


P.S. If I had to carry only one pair of gloves, it would be my Deerskin ones. I've used them for just about every task named above from deads to raptor handling to Large Animal Rescues. I buy them at Orchard Supply Hardware, and unlike other gloves I get, I usually get these one size smaller then the other gloves I wear for a tighter fit.
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Old 05-27-2009
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Medical gloves for sick/ injured strays and Nike black leather batting gloves for snare use and any other handling of animals or tools. Thin enough to handle the leash and write things down. Strong enough to handle anything else that comes your way. For small dogs/ puppies and sometimes cats I have Police kevlar gloves.

Click on link to see the pair I have. Unlike some of the other kevlar gloves they have 100% coverage. Perfect for ACO's in bite prevention but they are thick and you lose dexteritay and the "feel" of your tools. People who ride know what I mean by the "feel". I would not recommend it for daily use. I use the batting gloves for 99% of my calls but when I get a call with skittish puppies or bite dog/cat I use the Hatch Gloves. I was able to impound 7 skittish puppies at large without having to use my snare/ control pole and no marks. I had a medium size dog turn on me and nailed me in my hand. I had an abrasion from the mouth twisting the materiel into my hand but no puncture.

Cheers, Scooterchic
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Old 05-27-2009
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Thanks for the help guys!
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Old 05-27-2009
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I virtually never wear gloves even though I have 4 pair in the truck. I donít like the way they restrict my dexterity. I assume if I wore them more often I would get used to it, but so many of the things that I do by feel I canít do with gloves on.

One annoying thing the manufacturers tend to do is make their cat gloves in rough leather. A cat can get a hold in the leather with its claws and generate an incredible amount of pull. I had one get hold of the glove and start climbing up it, I was holding it as tight as I could with both hands, but it still made it to the top of the gauntlet and bit the ---- out of my exposed forearm.

I do have a pair of cotton work gloves and a pair of leather work gloves that I wear moving large dog traps around.
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Old 06-23-2009
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Medical gloves are important with as many vectors (disease spreading parasites) as we come into contact with. For cheep gloves to handle animals, you can get welding gloves in a lot of places but they only offer light protection.
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Old 06-30-2009
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When i was still working I found that I relied on my kevlar gloves, they're puncture "resistant". For the few bites I did get when dealing with frightend or aggresive animals it was well worth the little bit of bruising. Compared to the time I forgot to put them on for a wee little terrier who seemed friendly enough. His bite went underneath my nail and into my finger, stung like an SOB and I lost a few days of work because of it. Got mine fairly inexpensive too, only $40.
They're thin enough to write with and you can easily use your hands and fingers, just don't use them in the cold, they suck for that
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Old 07-01-2009
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Default Same as scooterchic

I use same brand as scooterchic but different style. Mine are Hatch with kevlar exterior-not sure on model type/number. I got a great deal on them.
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