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Old 07-14-2005
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Default Tranquilizer

Torrance Animal Control Officers have been certified for Chemical Capture. We are having some difficulty finding a Vet to isue/sell us the chemical. Do any of you have any contacts that we may use to obtain the liquid tranquilizer.

Patrick Wren
Torrance Police
Animal Control[/b]
Brinkerhoff, 17559
Torrance Police Dept.
Animal Control Supervisor
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Old 07-14-2005
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Get your own drug license from the state board of pharmacy or the equivalent and order your own. Lots of vet med suppliers out there once you have the correct permit / license. If your county / city contracts with a vet for animal care, have the "supervising" vet langauge added to the next contract to require them to support your Chem IB program
Mark Kumpf
Administrative Staff
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Old 07-14-2005
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Since you guys are using the County Shelter maybe the County Vet can get it for you. How about the Vet you use for your emergency services? (If it's not the County Vet). You should be able to find one Vet in town that's willing to "prescribe" for you. We contract with a local Vet for our shelter services and he gets what we need for us. Also, since we have good community support and the Vet really works with us, we have only had to eithanize 5 dogs so far this year. Also, I think you'd find that you can't beat Telazol for field work. It comes in powdered form and you mix it up with sterile water. Lasts longer when being carried around in our hot units. (Drawback is once you mix it up, if you don't use it it expires in like 5 days). You guys are nearly double the size of my City, (population wise), and about the same size, (square Mileage wise), if you ever want to try getting your own Shelter get ahold of me and we'll talk. Or, maybe better yet, come on down the coast a little ways and check out our operation.
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