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Old 03-24-2009
Nayla roo Nayla roo is offline
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Default what would you do.


I have a rather strange question, but I need some others point of view. I currently work for a animal shelter, that I love. Overall I am very happy there, however it can be high school sometimes.

Right now, i am not considered permanant, but have been working with them for almost a year. A position for full-time (in the aco department, my department) has been posted. Of course the boss has to post it.

I (knock on wood) hope that I get it. I honestly don't see why I would not get it. I have been working with them for about a year. I am trained, and am getting more training through work in the next couple of months.

I even startled looking for apartments *lol*. My supervisor knows that I am looking for a apartment. So my thinking is, he is not trying to discourage me from it, so that must be a good thing?

I recently looked at a apartment that I really liked. The rent was good, nice apartment, underground parking. I told the landlords that i would have my application in by the weekend.

When I got back, I had to email my supervisor for a different situation and also brought up the fact that I had seen a great apartment and that I wanted to apply for the apartment by the weekend and if he had made a descion on the hiring for the position. I told him that I need a letter of employment. He emailed me back saying that a letter of employment is not a problem and that he will have interviews done by next week. The posting is right now internal. I mean I understand that he has to post it and that he has to interview if someone applies.

So my question is....should I go and apply for the apartment? I don't want to lose it...but I can not see why I would not get it. My supervisor is the type that he doesn't say much, until the last minute. He never lets anyone on.

My thinking is that if he knows that I am looking for an apartment and that I will have to move (like an hour)...dont you think that he would at least give me some sort of negativity that I was not going to get it. I think if I was not going to get it, he would have mentioned before I startled looking for apartments. ya know?

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Old 03-24-2009
hasbeenaco hasbeenaco is offline
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This all sounds very promising.....but your still dealing with uncertainties. Can you apply for the apartment with a letter of employment based on your current job and explain that you are just waiting to hear on a new, full-time position? If the landlords liked you they may be willing to wait it out. Is there some other way you could buy some time with them until you find out for sure if the job is yours? Bottom line, if getting the apartment and NOT getting the job would create a BIG problem for you, don't take the chance.

Good luck with both and let us know how it all turns out!
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Old 03-24-2009
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Dear Nayla,

Your boss (quite rightly) should not give you a job letter until he actually offers you the job: that's a concrete sign that you're employed and can (hopefully) afford an apartment.

You should not take an apartment that you (presumably) can't afford until you get the new job, until you get the new job. Until then, you're just going on hearsay ... which is why the landlord wants something more concrete before he rents to you. Lots of hearsay goes wrong at the last minute and leaves you (and the landlord) in the lurch.

I would wait to count your chickens (i.e., apply for an apartment) until they're hatched (i.e., you have the job).


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Old 03-24-2009
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Personally I would wait until you know you have the position. Can you afford the rent on what you make now, or are you basing it on getting the position? Like you I started in the office at our shelter then an aco got fired and I applied for the position. I knew I had more experience than anyone applying for it, but I still had to do an interview with the supervisor and the county manager. Good luck!!
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Old 03-26-2009
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I agree it is best to wait till you have confirmation of a full time position before you make a commitment that may turn out to be a regretable decision. Just wait for for the letter and there are many more apartments out there.
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