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Old 03-05-2007
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Default A simple Solution to an old problem

As some of you may know, I'm not the ACO type, I'm a tekkie and consistantly look for new and improved ways to handle data, educate the public and hopefully, these efforts make your job easier and reduce the numbers of animals going out the back door.

I have noticed that animal management software has been something of a pain-in-the-pants issue and after dealing with some of the products that are on the market, I can compleatly understand how one could be left tearing their hair out or emptying their Glock into their moniter.

But what if I told you that there was an animal management software system that was as easy to use as uploading a pet to petfinders, just one page of clear, concise data.
What if I told you that if the animal was "adoptable", it would be sent out to all the major pet adoption sites, Pets911, Petfinder and 1800saveapet the moment the animal's status was listed as "adoptable"?
What if this program would print a kennel card with corrosponding data for every animal entered?
What if you could access all of your animals records, keeping a journal of all expenses related to the animal as well as keeping track of volunteers, foster homes (and which animals are in these homes), equipment inventory as well as the capability to have online forms, track microchip numbers, do not adopt lists and even the ability to run an online store if you wanted one?

What if I also told you that any animal you entered as "stray" would automatically be exported to Pets911's lost and found database, giving the lost animal in your shelter MAXIMUM exposure and if the owner has posted the animal lost on that website and opted for the additional service, they would receive a text or e-mail alert that you have their animal?
And what if I told you that Pets911 would send you a listing of all the pets reported to them as "lost" within a 30 mile radius every 24 hours?

Finally, what if I told you you could have a system such as this for $100.00 per year?

Look, I know I must sound like a salesman and being cops, you have every reason to be skeptical. But as I am the webmaster for several different groups as well as, I can tell you that such as system does exist, it is available and it works.

The product is from and they are the people who have brought you the Pet Adoption Portal, a free service that allows you to upload your adoptable pets one time and have them sent out to all three of the major pet adoption sites.
The Portsmouth Humane Society was the first shelter in Hampton Roads to use this technology and we are currently changing over to the shelter management program.

There are a lot of other features such as, the ability to generate your reports on an as-needed basis, keep track of your stats for recordkeeping purposes as well as automatically changing the status of a "hold" to "adoptable" automatically.

As ACO Grand Poobah, Mark Kumph will tell you, I'm not a salesman, I'm a trucker and make nothing off my work on the Internet.
But when it comes to this stuff, I think Mark will attest to the fact that I wouldn't steer you wrong.
This is a great tool and can help shelters or rescue groups keep track of the things that need to be watched as well as keep accurate records of animals coming in and out.

All I'm asking you to do is check it out and see if it can help your orginization and if you have any questions or would like a demonstration, please e-mail me at
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Old 03-06-2007
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Our Shelter uses the Chameleon program.There is a website Chameleon Beach that gives you an idea of what we use.
I don't know how it compaires to other shelters.
I wonder if other shelters have easier, more user friendly programs.
I don't really think that Chameleon is user friendly, but I don't know.
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Old 03-06-2007
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Thanks Fester for the information,,You would make a great infomercial. (teasing!!!!) I will check it out for sure sounds like a dream come true. Being a one man agency and paper work taking all of my time sounds like something i could definitely use. I am worried about the cost. I promise to look and thanks again for your help.
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Old 03-06-2007
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Thats is all good and well but I want something tailored for governmental animal control officers who do not operate shelters. Everything out there is tailored for shelters who have their own ACO's. Ours does not. The information I want is different than what they want.
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Old 03-10-2007
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Well, if anyone would like to, we can scheule an online conference where I can show you my desktop and demonstrate the program-decide for yourself if it's what you need.

Another feature that is coming very soon that will blow your mind is, let's say someone loses a pet, all they have to do is report it to as a "lost pet".
Then the same animal arrives in your shelter the following day and you enter all the data into the site as a "stray".
The data you enter is sent over to as a "found" pet, Pets911's server matches the criteria that you entered against the animals that were reported lost in a 30 mile raduis and if a match is found, if the person who lost the pet chooses to receive it, an e-mail or text message will be sent to the person who made the lost pet report and tell them that your shelter took in an animal that is a very close match to the one they lost.

How cool is THAT?

This system can also track such things as complaints, violations, as well as inventory, equipment loans as well as a host of other types of calls you might want to keep track of.

If you guys have about an hour and a high-speed internet connection, let's set up an online meeting. If it isn't what you need, no penalty, no foul.
Although I think that this can deliver more than you expect for a very reasonable price.

It's also a lot more user-friendly than PetPoint or Chameleon ever thought about being.

If you're interested, e-mail me or get a hold of Mark Kumph for my phone number.....

ACOFunstop Citizen Oversight
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