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Originally Posted by Getting too old View Post
I see from your profile that your from Texas also, so from one Texan to another, here is my point of view.

For my OC They simply carry me under the PD use of force which covers use of OC on animals. The PD has pepperball guns, which I have been trained on, and Tasers, which I have not been trained on, but they have never developed a policy on them, so nobody can use them.

Iíve always had OC and dart guns available to me, and Iíll use the OC 5X more than the dart gun. I would stick with them for now, and if they donít want to spring for a dart gun, then at least push for the OC. The advantages of OC are 1, its usually really effective, 2, its always available and easy to deploy, and 3, being available over the counter it doesnít have the legal restrictions of a bit stick.

Remember, even though a lot of Texas ACOs carry bite sticks (ASPs), most of the major legal reps have determined that they are a illegal club, thus a prohibited weapon in the state, and you can get 1 year in the county jail for having one on your person. A bill is being presented in the next legislature that would allow ACOs to carry them, but that will be at least 2010 and probably 2011 before that goes into effect. Even if you agency looks the other way, if you ever get sued for using one on somebodyís dog, I donít know that your agency could assist you if they wanted to, so expect to be totally on your own.
We are not allowed a dart gun or any chemical imobile.In Texas have you heard of any agency going through the bite stick certification and then going before a judge to grant the ACO to carry? I have been told this can be done but I have not found anyone in Texas who has done this. Not even sure if a City Judge can do it or if has to be County or if it is even true. Not concerned over needing to use it on a dog but it would be nice to have it for the two legged animals. Most calls we have a pole in hand but on some calls it is not pratical to carry one.
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