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According to our Chief, if you are not uniformed out and at your post ready to fly at 5 minutes before your shift, then you are late. Fortunately for my part timer, we work a half mile down the road from the PD, so the Chief doesn’t know when we are actually “on duty”.

My part timer is one of those people that thinks 8:00 means 8ish, so if your there 5 or 10 after 8 it is no big deal. She was also wishing we had a time clock instead of filling out time sheets, and it took weeks to explain to her that if she turned in cards stamped 8:05, or even 8:00 instead of 7:55, then she would have one of those trips to the Chief’s office where she would be asked “Just what do WE have to do to get YOU to work on time?”
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