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The only "kaboom" sound we hear here is from the bean counters heads exploding at the thought of paying us overtime I know I have missed many lunches and stayed countless hours off duty. Either glued to the computer finishing up reports or scrubbing mysterious goo of unknown origins out of the cage and truck bed Our most frustrating thing is that we get in trouble if we don't take our lunch break; yet we can't hold the calls so we can take a break, can't put the hour down as overtime, and can't take the hour off at the end of the shift or the start of the next. You gotta love micro management! I love my job, so it doesn't bother me any. You just take it as it comes. I too like to think that there's a karma jar out there somewhere and all of the hard work/dedication will pay off in the end. I haven't found the jar yet, but I'm hoping it will turn up someday.
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