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Originally Posted by Getting too old View Post
That stalagmite, sheís a rock ainít she.

One thing that hasnít been brought up is actual professional counseling and medication. At my previous city, it was the management more than the job that was causing my stress related problems. When I would go on vacation, it would take until Wednesday or Thursday just to get semi-relaxed, then by Thursday night the stress level would start building back up again because the vacation was half over and I was going to have to go back. That led to my first visit with a councilor, and my first prescription. That prescription only lasted a couple of months and I had rebounded enough to get back to the fray unaided.

After I left there, it took at least two years before I would fully trust the supervision here, and my annual evaluations scared the life out of me. Once I got fully settled in, things were fine for quite some time, then through a variety of factors (some job related, some personal) I crashed again, back to the Dr, and another prescription.

As I have gotten older I have found that I need then meds just to cope. It is a light dose, but if I get off for even two or three days, I develop some anger management issues, so I guess Iíll be on them for a while longer.

You bring up a good point here in the bold text. (I do that for emphasis on the point being made but leave the rest for context).

I want to point something out to you all. Our brain's can become sick just like the rest of our body. It can be injured just like the rest of our body. There is no shame in going to a doctor for this. Don't let pride stand in your way of getting help for this, it could be your downfall. I'm speaking from experience here ok. I'm not preaching at you about this. I know where this road can lead.

This is why I brought the topic up, it's a serious matter. Too often the person on the job (you) is not considered. I was fortunate to have a boss that had worked his way up from the field to Supervisor so he understood better than most. But on some things he had to cater to his boss. Sometimes, as the old saying goes, hindsight is 20/20, they didn't see what was happening until it manifested itself.

I know as well as you know that your job can be like an emotional roller coaster ride. Stress management will help you deal with this, because it plays a part in this as well. Relaxation techniques are best, music, movies, duck ponds, whatever takes your mind off of the job and is relaxing to you is the other side of this. Counseling and medication help too.

Like I said, I don't want to seem like I'm preaching to or at you, but there is one thing I want to stress a concern on. Self-medication. Often times we turn to something (a substance) to ease the pain we are feeling. This is called Self-medication. I've seen firsthand how devastating this can be in a person's life. I've seen many folks from in therapy, that turned this direction and it really only created another problem or more problems within their family. Many times it cost them their job. I looked for a similar escape myself, but fortunately I didn't find it in this direction. All I'm saying is this, it's better to seek professional help, than to try and fix this yourself, this way. That's all I'm saying.
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