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Originally Posted by NBPD336 View Post
What kind of ammo are you looking for? Was it you that said you couldnt find your brand of ammo?
Iím partial to.45 ACP +P Magtech Guardian Gold Handgun Cartridge, 185-Grain Jacketed Hollow point, however Gold Dot .45 ACP+P is fine, itís just more expensive. I put a Wilson Combat match grade barrel and shok buff kit in it for Christmas, and I used the 18 pound spring, so Iím not 100% it will cycle with a standard load. But locally, most the ammo counters are empty, and even the Internet suppliers are pretty bare.

Originally Posted by Firestar View Post
Well if it is the class in May, then I will be there.
My self and another ACO from here are going to the basic in Corpus. The others are going to try and go later in the year.
I was scheduled to go back in June of 2007, the day we were to leave my dad passed away. This is the soonest we have been able to get it in the budget to go.
Sorry about your dad, I know when my father passed it was very traumatic on my whole family. Iíll be in Corpus for the TACA conference in November.
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