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I agree with Jimbo that it should be the owners right to tether or not.

It is my experience though, that animals that are tethered are greatly more at risk for neglect and cruelty. I believe tethering enables laziness. The dog is at the end of the property, owner comes home and is exausted, leaves it for tomorrow and a pattern begins. I have rarely ever come accross a dog that stays indoors at least some of the time that is dehydrated, emmaciated, or has an ingrown collar, at least due to neglectful environments. People here merely use dogs as a form of protection at the alley end of their property.

I picked up a mamma dog with ten pups last night that was tied at the end of the property. Three large city-cans surrounded the dog to obscure others view from her. When I was questioning and conducting the seizer the owners(none of legal age to own her) were quick to get their behinds off the front porch and come fill the empty water bucket and feed her. She was about 30 lbs under weight and had a logging chain on, which subsequently weighed more than she did.

Tethering merely enables and breeds the laziness that already exsists in people is what i'm trying to say is all.
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