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Let's see for stress relief, at least during the summer I will take a day here and there and just spend it on my Harley. I will leave the house at about 7AM and not return until around 11PM. Also I take a two week vacation to the beach. I leave the cell phone off and the only person who can reach me is my neice that watches my animals and house while I am gone. I dont even read any books that are animal or law enforcement related, just car magazines lol. I also like to work on my 66 Chevelle.(I am in the very slow process of restoring) As far as winter goes I dont really have any out let for stress other than working one of my other jobs. I do like to drive though so I will just hop in my truck and just drive. I also like to spend time at the range. Its amazing how much stress relief I can get just from firing off 500 rounds of ammo lol.

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