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Default Re: Road Pizza Siberians and Bad Dogs

Originally Posted by Farley Flattened

First - is there ever going to be a spell checker added to the board - This is addressed to MARK KUMPF the moderator.

Third - Lighten up! Some of you are taking this way too seriously (or not seriously enough) and its getting irritating. This is addressed to everyone and the moderator.
I will look into this as it has been mentioned before. It has to do with the type and version of the software we are using to host the board. Your suggestions do work if you use a word processing editor. Also, some browsers (like Firefox) may have built in spell check that works while typing in messages on web pages.

I agree. Sometimes even us moderators get a frustrated and act less than moderately in style. Everyone could lighten up a little bit, myself included. People should be able to express themselves here and as long as the don't drop into language or comments that are truly inappropriate in the public boards, posts are welcome and encouraged.

PS - Like the chalk outline icon.
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