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Originally Posted by Getting too old View Post
Evaluations used to scare the life out of me. At my old city, what you actually did during the day meant absolutely nothing towards you’re evaluation as compared to how well you sucked up to the boss. One day my boss over there climbed right up my --- because I was responding to too many calls. How does one respond to too many calls, especially when the boss is the dispatcher? Anyway, the next day the other ACO walks in with the Civilian Employee of the Quarter award, so that kind of got my attention and I pulled the files one day when I was alone in the office. I had done exactly double everything that we kept stats on, twice as many miles drive, twice as many calls responded to, twice as many warnings/citations, twice as many everything, but she was the Employee of the Quarter.

Long story short (I could go on for an hour about favoritism and how the boss couldn’t supervise his way out of a paper bag) they eventually told me to quit or I would be fired, so I ended up here. I took a $2K per year pay cut, but in the long run, it was worth it. My training here consisted of here is a map, here are you’re keys, the truck is in the back lot knock yourself out. It took me a couple of years to finally figure out that evaluation time here is a good thing where you are recognized for you’re achievements for the last year, and in 03 I got the Civilian Employee of the YEAR award.

Like I said, the economy sucks, but life is good.
i can say a lot of the same about my old agency...but past is the past, and i'm gonna keep them there...i really enjoy my neewer agency...and i like that they have been trying real hard to recognized EVERYONE'S efforts in what they are doing best...they did remember to mention the back gate i ran into a couple months ago...but it was at the shelter, and no property was actually damaged(ok so i bent the lift on the truck...but all the lifts were broken and we were getting rid of the trucks for our new ones that came in a month ago, LoL) all is pretty well in my world
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