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Originally Posted by stmelangell View Post
Thanks, GTO, that really brightened my day! I get to feeling like I'm the only person on earth that has ever been whacked on by bad management ... Glad you survived the system.
Before I left that city, I had gotten extremely tired of the harassment and being written up for anything, so I had began to document every time I was singled out for disciplinary action when anybody else did something that I was being wrote up for, but they were not. I had a folder that was about 1” thick in about a month, and I had already spoken to an attorney about filing a suite against the city. But the rule of thumb is, if you sue one city you’ll never work for another one, so I let it drop. As it turned out, one of our female officers here had filed a suite against her previous department for sexual harassment, and not only did they hire her knowing that, the Chief was actually hoping she would win. Oh well.
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