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Default Happy story for a change

Hi all,

Yesterday a friend of mine had posted a picture of two beagles that were found by animal control in Belchertown, a town three towns over from me. I contacted this ACO because I have picked up a similar pair of beagles several times that belonged to a guy that lives about an hour away. While I was checking the website I discovered a Brittney Spaniel that has been missing from Chicopee Ma, which is about an hour away from where I am located, since November 26 of last year. I looked at the pictures and thought it looked a lot like a dog that was up for adoption at the shelter I volunteer at. I then had the ACO get in touch with the people that were missing the dog and they in turn got in touch with the shelter.

Today they drove the hour to the shelter to see if this was indeed their missing dog. According to the shelter worker, when they arrived at the shelter the dog, that had been lazily laying in his crate and appeared very depressed, suddenly jumped up and spun around with more energy than they had seen him exhibit.

She told me it was a tearful reunion, teard of joy, as they thought the dog had been gone and they thought there was no hope of ever seeing him again.

All of this because a friend of mine decided to post the beagles on facebook. The dog was an hour away from his original home.

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