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Originally Posted by Mark Kumpf View Post
This thread is an offspring of the Asilomar Accords thread. Getting Too Old suggested an idea that took on a life (and now a thread) of its own. Where else could spay / neuter clinics work well in a "non traditional" setting?
Well, shopping malls but the rent would kill ya'. I have to wonder what would the health code problems be since many Wal-Marts also have groceries and food for sale?

I think at least part of the problem is, many veterinarians "profits above all" attitute.
Think about it-why would Veterinarians want a decrease in the animal population? It means less work and less dollars for them, doesn't it?
Let's say that a dog or cat has a litter of 5 that end up and the shelter, four are put down and one makes it out.
Why should the vet care about the other 4 that will never become a patient anyway?

What about public schools in the summer/off season or weekends/holidays? Can anyone think of a better way to convince the next generation of the importance of spay/neuter than having it actually performed at the school where your kids learn?Talk about incorporating it into the lesson plan!
The buildings are just sitting there empty in the off-season, we paid for 'em, let's use 'em! We could even make the teachers help out and give them something else to whine about.
My God, many schools have DAY CARE in them for the teenage moms, let's find some more utilizaton here and give the taxpayers more value for their dollar.
Where you have schools, you have kids, where you have kids you have pets and many parents would get the pet fixed just to get their kid to stop bugging them about it.
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