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My issue is not regulating dangerous dog, nor is it holding the owner accountable. My issue is arbitrarily deeming a harmless dog dangerous simply because of its breed, but having to go through the whole due process thing for a dog that is actually dangerous.

I personally don’t like people having the ability to keep a dangerous dog in a populated area in the first place. I don’t think that dangerous dog regulations are worth very much because 1, the owner of the dog most likely knew it had the propensity to bite before the incident ever happened, and they had failed to prevent the incident. And 2, dangerous dog regulations are only as good as the owner’s dedication to following them. We can’t be there 24/7 to make sure they have muzzles on the dog, or that it is inside a secure enclosure, that is the owner’s responsibility.

I know I sound cold and cruel, but with thousands of perfectly good, healthy and safe dogs being euthanized every day, I have very little support for trying to rehabilitate a dangerous and potentially libelous dog for “humanitarian” reasons, when if it were euthanized, then one of the perfectly good, healthy and safe dogs could be saved.
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