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I work for the Police Dept. but we are not an emergency vehicle so we don't use red or blue. I believe Washington State only allows Police cars to use blue lights.

I want to say my vehicle has an older model Code 3 light bar. It's full size with Amber/White lights. It has alley lights and forward takedowns. The rear takedowns were blocked by the fan unit, so my partner modified the light bar and directed the rear takedowns forward, so we have extremely bright forward takedowns. It's great for searching at night. We also have Amber strobes on the back of the Swab cab.

Depending on the call I'll either have the truck lit up like a X-mas tree or just put on my four-ways. Of course it doesn't matter what I do people still speed past me. That's when I yell at them to slow down, make arm movements (no gestures), and give dirty looks.
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