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Originally Posted by Laelaps View Post
I disagree that people should get a free ride because they're irresponsible. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, and in this case ignorance of responsibility is not either. Yes, people lie about the circumstances of the pet they are turning in. We have 'owner surrender counselors' who have a series of questions to ask in an attempt to find out the truth. Most of the time, we're full anyways so we cant take it in unless they request euthanasia. The system is not perfect, and like I said earlier, we will assist people who truly need it. Does that mean in the end we'll pick more dogs up? Possibly. Probably. But if you continue to give people a free out from their problems they will continue to have those problems. The cycle has to be broken somewhere.
This is where y'all lose me. You're "full" and won't/can't take the dog....and "probably" will pick up more of the dogs as strays. The people turn the dogs loose on the street (instead of surrendering them at a Shelter). The animals are picked up and disposed of (after being placed at risk for disease, injury, and death).

This breaks the cycle how? This instills petowner responsibility how? This inhibits animal neglect and abuse how?

I simply don't get it.


I've got a place on the river down your way and read the local fishwrap online. My heart goes out to you lady for the yahoo contingent you've had to deal with since the storm....before the storm too for that matter. From what I can tell at least the decisionmakers are getting AC on their radar and cooler heads seem to be holding their own.
Be safe. Have fun.
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