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One thing about a lot of equipment is itís a lot of weight and other discomfort. Out of the shower Iím 215 pounds, but when I hit the street I weigh in at a petite little 240. That includes my armor, duty belt and all the crap I have on it which does not include an ASP (yet) or firearm.

I have concealed armor, and it has tails that tuck in between the T shirt and uniform shirt. They call it ďsoftĒ armor, but that is not an accurate description, it doesnít flex very much and doesnít twist at all. With that and the tails being tucked in, it is virtually impossible to turn around to look at something without turning your whole body.

You are supposed to keep the straps tight enough to keep the front panel touching the rear panel, but when I do that, I have a little trouble breathing. It also doesnít cool very well. Iíve been in air conditioned rooms and still had to pull the top of the armor away from my body to let the heat vent out for a minute.

Between the weight, restricted breathing and heat I have had to change the way I work when I wear the armor.

When wearing the armor, there has to be a two finger gap between the bottom of the armor and your belt or it will pinch the poo out of you. I had to change out some of the cases on my belt because they clipped on instead of having a belt loop because they would pinch me between the clip and the armor.

Itís kind of a trade off when dealing with safety equipment where you have to balance between necessity and comfort. I must admit that during the summer Iím prone to not wearing the armor, however, the dispatcher did screw up a call one day and I ended up on a scene where I had no business being, and that was one day when I had chosen to not wear the armor, so I tend to wear it even when I don't want to.

Bottom line though, I do feel safer and more confident with the armor than without.
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