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I am a Pescetarian (Vegetarian+Seafood) and I really can honestly say that I feel 200% healthier now than when I did eat meat. My reasons for being a pescetarian are that I don't want any land animal to die just so I can eat it and because I want to be healthier. A long time ago, when it was the hip thing to do, I was on the Atkins diet. Everyone knows that's basically a meat and cheese diet. I did it for a year and I can tell you first hand that I feel so much better now than when I was on that diet. I don't particularly enjoy the taste of meat after not eating it for so long. I do it because I love animals and because my health is important to me. Besides, my favorite foods on the planet are vegetables so it works out for me

I do believe that the Bible gives us Christians the option to eat meat and I just make the conscious choice not to eat it.

I also think beer is an important part of any diet

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

~Edmund Burke
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