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Originally Posted by UPDHampton View Post
I do have the powers of arrest, can pull you over in the "Dog Wagon" as my coworkers call it and am sworn fulltime LEO, I carry baton, oc spray, 2 sets of handcuffs, multi tool, glove pouch, 9mm handgun, bullet proof vest. I also have dog and cat traps, Tranq gun, catch poles, .22 rifle, kevlar feline gloves...They are working on getting me a TASER as well. But I belive the most common tools I use is my Pen and paper and my communication skills, (dog treats don't hurt either). I Love my job and all I can do with it, even if the rest of the department and town still think I'm just a dogcatcher, but I'll keep trying to win them over. Hope this helps!!!
Former Gig: The same as listed above by Hampton... Great Gig.

Current: I have Special Police Powers but not arrest powers. I belt consist of Pager, cell phone, 800 radio, Surefire G2, Pouch for leash's, key keeper, Monondock Baton, OC Spray and a Cop Tool.

We are issued Bullet Resistant Vest but no Firearms as of right now. We are certified in the State LEIN system and have MDT' on the vehicles to do paper work, run individuals and recieve dispatched calls from Chameleon.....

Like Hampton my most used tools are Pen, for citations and my "Coply Intuition"....

The dept. is halfway to where they need to be like I use to be and where Hampton is. Perhaps some day or perhaps someday I'll find myself looking for another gig like my last......
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