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Originally Posted by KristenB
Well, I turned my paper in today! I should get my grade tomorrow. I'm going to try to post it here tomorrow for you all to read too!

Yeah, I didn't quite realize at the time that this board is anonymous for that reason. My apologies, I guess common sense should have told me that. I appreciate anyone who PMed me their names, otherwise I used your screenname or the name in your signature. Names that were PMed to me will be replaced by screennames when I post my essay here.

I'm quite pleased with my paper. Thanks to everyone who replied! Even if I didn't quote you, the information you provided was extremely helpful to my own curiousity.

Someone asked what made me choose to write about ACOs- Honestly, I became interested after watching Animal Planet. I've since learned (thanks to all of you) that it's hardly like the shows on Animal Planet, but I'm still interested. Hey, I guess Animal Planet helped in a way by generating interest in ACOs.

Oh, and everyone was cited and credited in my paper. I had to have two other sources than just interviews, so I used what I found at and the Managing Stress article by Mark Kumpf. Credit is given, however.

Once again, thanks to everyone!
Always makes me happy that the information is helpful! I didn't mean to sound short but there are quite a few here who use this board for stress relief and value their privacy in that regard. Sometimes we aren't as PC as some would like, and that can also be a reason for wanting to keep info away from casual observation. I am sure that many would be happy to help and probably many did so. I am not only on this board but on as their consulting ACO. I use my real name, and stand behind my own words (good or bad) and as you might have discovered...

I always strive to be an Optimstic ACO!

Hope you get an "A"!

Mark Kumpf
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