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1. What do you think about education? I've read that some ACOs think that you may be overqualified if you have a college education and others that say to get as much education as you can. What is your opinion? You can never be overqualified for this work. The more you know the better prepared you'll be. I have a bachelors in animal science. I wish I'd gone to law school.

2. What are the pros and cons of the job?
lets start with cons:
Lousy pay
Lack of respect/appreciation

never a dull day
helping animals
lots of fun/ problem solving

3. On a day to day basis, how mean do people that you deal with get? What is the "danger" rating of this job? Danger Rating here is high. Received sniper fire once, only got my rear window. People most of the time are decent. But like everywhere ya got your looney's. National Animal Control Association tells us that animal control officers have 4 times more contact with the public than police officers so the liability is 4 times greater.

4. Do you think women get treated differently than men in this field? Not by co workers or superiors, but by the general public? Yes, sometimes, mostly I just get men who are surprised when I show up and actually get the job done, using my brain instead of my muscles. But some men, those who usually beat their wives and children on a regular basis will try to use their bullying tactics on me. It never works.

5. How much time do you spend investigating cruelty cases as opposed to responding to calls about a neighbor's dog barking too much? Obviously a lot more time goes into investigating a cruelty case because theres more at stake for the dog. A barking dog case is not one that a any of my judges will take seriously or convict on.

6. What is your best memory on the job? There's a new one everday.

7. What is the average hourly pay? Yearly income? We are so far below the average it's embarassing. Starting is $9.39/hr. I'm a supervisor with 10 years in and I only get $14.04/hr.

8. What types of opportunities for advancement are there? Depends on the agency you work for. If your a certified officer you can go as high up as Chief. In my organization supervisor is as high as one may get and there's only one supervisor so until some body kills me or I actually survive to retirement...You'll stay an animal control officer.
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