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Were any of those things in a policy manual anywhere? I worked as ACO for 3 cities, and we were a division of the PD in each, so we were subject to the PDC dress code. I could keep my moustache, but beards were not allowed. My hair had to be above my ears and collar. I had to shave every day. I had to get approval from the Chief to wear a baseball cap after I had my first skin cancer removed.

One city wouldn't even let me put my place of employment on social media because anything I said might reflect back on the PD/city. I represented the PD 24/7, so if I did anything off duty that would reflect poorly on the department I was subject to termination.

As a supervisor I had to pass over a prospective kennel tech because she had a sleeve that went all the way down her arm and on the back of her hand. The PD manual specifically said "no visible tattoos" and I couldn't make her wear long sleeves and leather gloves all day.

I left the animal control industry over 5 years ago, and while I miss some aspects of the job, I ain't never going back.
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