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Originally Posted by acofred View Post
Remember than some of us are not under the PD; I, for example, am in Public Works. In my state the police are certified by CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training). CLEET will not allow anyone other than currently employed law enforcement or security officers to attend their training.
Right - it was a slip on my part. Even my old agency isn't actually under the PD but are still able to obtain training from them. I have no idea why any municipality would want it set up any other way than under the local LE agency... smh...

Originally Posted by aco30l13 View Post
Just as an FYI you can no longer carry the ASP under the Department of Consumer Affairs certificate. Under PC 22295(G) in the state of California you now have to have completed POST certification for the carrying of the Baton on duty. We have been trying for 2 years to get people certified, POST says to go ahead and apply to any POST course, but when we call we are told they are for Law Enforcement Personnel only. All I can say is good luck. Work with your local S/O or PD to try and get the training.
I would hang myself if I had to work in Kalifornia.... I honestly think I would.... ugh
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