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Let me be more specific....

Yes - I understand your department does not carry them. I somewhat assumed that perhaps you were "under" the local PD hence my questions were based on whether your local PD carries them and has an instructor?

If the local PD / Sheriff Office carries them - that's whom I would be looking to and asking if they could supply you with the training. That's how my former agency (Indy) does it - they utilize IMPD's instructors for the training and policy.

I currently work for a PD - and am certified with Baton, OC, Taser, DT's, Firearm, etc the same as our road patrol. Its best to have the same training / certification as the LEO's around you that your working with in my opinion.

I only mention it because sometimes while looking at the "Big Picture" - we often over look the obvious. Good Luck..
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